Skiing in French Alps with Club Med ( Part 1 )

10 May 2016

Everything feels like a dream to me. 

Honestly, i still can’t get over this! Hahaha. i’ve been travel a lot these years but mostly Asian country. You know what, I always wanted to get out of Asia and i’ve finally made it this time! To one of places i want to visit- Europe! Thank you Club Med and Air France for making this happen. It is so unreal to me, i almost burst out into tears of joy. Never thought that i can have a chance to travel to that far! Please allow me to express my feeling before i start sharing my trip! Thanks God for the opportunities. I’m such a lucky get all these opportunities to travel and to meet new friends all around the world. I’m so so so so blessed and i really appreciate every single bit of it. 

There’s nothing better than finding and exploring new terrain. No matter the time of season, you are bound to find untouched gems that are just waiting for you to come along and explore

So, where exactly i went this time? French Alps for a skiing holiday! 

Here's a map for better understanding of the location. 
The French Alps are the portions of the Alps mountain range that stand within France



It is around 13 hours direct flight from KL > PARIS, PARIS > GENEVA is another one hour. 
It is the longest flight i've been on. But surprisingly, i manage to get a good rest. Never thought that i can survive a long-haul flight but i did! I slept for 10 hours in the flight. Seriously, direct flight is better than what i've expected. OR i'm overly excited for the trip, that's why 13 hours of flight seems so easy for me. HAHAHA. But still, thank you AIR FRANCE for such a great flying experience. 

The happiness when you are about to arrive in your destination !

During the transit from CDG, PARIS > GENEVA, we also get to excess the business lounge. 
Freshen up, shower, and grab some food. Thank You Air France for the arrangement. 

From Geneva Airport to the ski resort is around 2-3 hours of driving. Along the way, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Geneva. Definitely worth the ride!

After this trip, i’ve developed a new hobby - Skiing. I have to say it is awesome fun!!
What's the best part of skiing? It is to overcome the fear! I went skiing for the first time when I was 12 years in Korea. Basically, i’m a beginner. So before the trip, i was quite nervous because i don’t even know how to ice skate/roller skate! I'm very anxious about falling. But surprisingly i’ve overcome it. yay! Also, I just realized that skiing is a tremendous calorie burner! Its great physical activity, consuming up to 700 calories an hour – totally beats a jog on the boring treadmill! Hahaha!

If you’ve never skied before and want to try this awesome sport, or you just need an excuse to don your ski boots this season, check out why you should give it a go...

It is me with my ski gears on and ready to go to the slopes 
We went for skiing almost every morning in French Alps 
Taking a ski lift is the best time to enjoy all the view

There is nothing better than standing on the top of the mountain and taking in the amazing scenery before shooting down for some fun. Nothing compares to the feeling of crisp, pure mountain air on your face, it’s unlike anything you will ever experience in the city. 

The view is breathtaking! What can i ask for more? 

Fresh mountain air does helps to release the stress of my daily life. It is like another world to me, where i can just leave everything behind and enjoy the moment. 

We rent our ski gears from CLUB MED and there is some professional to advise us on the sizing. 

We also got a ski instructor to give us lessons before we go down to the slopes!
All set and ready to go!

There is actually level of skiing and different slopes difficulty rating

Green: Learner slope
 Blue: Beginner slope.
 Red: Intermediate slope
Black: Expert slope

That's me on the first day of skiing. Learning how to make a turn and a stop. Spot me? 

 Trying to strike a pose but somehow i look stupid. Hahaha
 After we learned to turn and stop consistently, the instructors brought us to the green slopes right away. Green slopes is for the beginner, and blue slopes is like one level harder. On my last day of skiing, i went to the blue slopes. I'm going real fast on the the blue slopes. I literally screamed when my speed, but it was so exciting and satisfying when i skied all the way down from the mountain. what an achievement and i'm still glad i did it! 
All thanks to my instructor who guide me down on my first blue run. 

My Skiing Buddy, Wyman and Alya 

Will upload the skiing video in my youtube soon when i done my editing!   

Overall, this what i've learned :

Don't be afraid to fall. Skiing is inherently insane at some level (especially to someone like me who grew up almost never seeing snow). It is okay to fall, You need to fall to learn. But, remember to have always have someone who can ski well to accompany and guide you. Like what we did. At least that person can give you a bit of confident. Of course! Take a lesson, if you can. Professional ski instructors are far better than most friends, especially most who grew up skiing. Real instructors can break down the process and figure how the next 1-2 things to work on that will make the most difference. 

Trust me, It was so much fun and there is nothing to compare to the exhilaration you’ll feel when gliding over fresh snow.

NEXT, Will blog about my ski resort and some VLOG about my trip!

S T A Y   T U N E D 


  1. How lucky you are to get the opportunity . I've when to Paris before but I still don't get a chance to visit Swiss . And yes , Switzerland in my wishlist travel too~ =) . Nice sharing , Karen =)

    1. You can visit again next time :)
      Thank you for reading!

  2. This adventure looks like so much fun. I love skiing too!