Skiing in French Alps with Club Med ( Part 2 )

17 May 2016

If you follow my every footstep on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, you all know I've spent a week in the best ski area of the world, The French Alps. And to be more precise: I spent it in the brand spanking new Club Med Val Thorens Sensations and Club Med Peisey Vallandry. My travel date is on Mid of April. It is almost the end of the snow season. That’s the reason why, the weather is just nice, not too cold, perfect snow condition. Lucky us! 

Like i mentioned earlier in my previous post -Skiing in French Alps with Club Med PART 1. This post, I'm going to share about the Ski Resort i went in French Alps in this post. Sorry, but still going to spam a lot a lot of photos taken in CLUB MED PEISEY VALLANDRY and CLUB MED VAL THORENS in this post. Be ready for it! If you haven't read my previous post, make sure you read it now *evil grins*


For those of you who have not tried a Club Med holiday before, the whole package is all inclusive. Basically it is unique style of holiday. You don't even have to plan your itinerary for the trip because it is all-inclusive and the resorts is always fill with fun activities and different performances every night. What's the best part about Club Med? All club med resorts in the world's is located at the most beautiful locations. One of it is in Cherating, Malaysia. I've been there for family trip when i was a kid and it was unforgettable. It is a vacation where you can truly escape from the busy city life and just be there to enjoy yourself without worrying about anything! Yes, i mean anything! 

Even for the FOOOOOD! You can just eat all you can because it is all inclusive.

There is huge breakfasts catering for every taste under the sun, or the fantastic evening spreads — which have a theme each evening. There are always staples such as meat, fish, pasta, endless salads and vegetable dishes on offer too. You can have fancy desserts and gelato as many as you want.

Don't worry about putting on weight after the vacation because there's gym and fun activities around for us to burn the calories. Like what we did - skiing. 


It is a very nice family resort with a really friendly atmosphere. This is the place where i took a lot of nice photos. There is a gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam room and though you can swim outside too. Club Med resort also offers some non-alpine activities to keep the non-skiers occupied. With spas, yoga classes, live entertainment and numerous activities to keep the kids busy. 

Breathtaking view from my room.

Because the rooftop have a better view.

The balcony outside my room, i don’t mind working here everyday with these views!
We also manage to hit the gym a bit. There’s yoga, stretching and also Zumba classes everyday!

This is the place where we had our cocktail party every night before the dinner!
What else can i ask for more? 

Travelling with these brunch of people are just amazing! 
New friendship made, creating memories together 

Our dinner every night. Nicely plated in a buffet style. You will never get bored with Club Med food because they change their menu everyday. 
Of course, free flow of rosé / red wine/ white wine at your choice.
Drink all the wine! This is probably the things to do when you are in France. 

Guess what, i’ve done something crazy during the trip!
Yes, challenged myself to dip into the swimming pool during winter! 

Is it cold? YES IT IS
Life is suppose to be adventure,  it is all worth it for this photo.

Overall, it was a great staying experience in Peisey Vallandry, more like a family getaway with a lot of fun activities that keep us occupied. Wish i can bring my family along next time! I’m sure they will love it like it do! 

For more info about the resort, visit  Club Med Peisey Vallandry

We moved to Club Med Val Thorens after that. It is Europe’s highest resort (7,546 feet) and equally renowned for its slope and après-ski scene. The design of this resort is very new, modern and chic. This is more suitable for couple honeymoon getaways. It is around 3 hours driving from Geneva Airport to Val Thorens.

Welcomed by fresh snow on our first day of arriving Club Med Val Thorens, lucky us!

This is the room that we are staying. 


Besides skiing....In case you still have energy after skiing your daily 600k, you can also go wall climbing. It is just right inside the hotel, beside the lobby. There is an instructor to teach us the basic technic. It is my first time doing it and it is not as easy as i expected. But it was FUN! Try it out!
Just like Club Med Peisey Vallandry, this resort has its own ski room where you can rent your ski or snowboard gear. What makes it different from the previous resort? It is...You can ski to the entrance of the hotel, which is really convenient. 
For all the skier, this is a place you MUST visit! This is the largest ski area in the world. It has 321 trails, 25 peaks, 6 glaciers and innumerable breathtaking views. And Val Thorens itself has been voted – two years in a row now – the best ski resort in the world
What’s the best part of it? La Folie Douce It is the best bar in the world. A bar that is 2500m above sea level, facing one of the most breathtaking views of the Alps , on a open air terrace with live music, is an experience that has to be lived once! It was snowing on the first day we got there and we were dancing in the snow after a couple of drinks! How cool was that? 
Do you want some champagne?

We had so so so much fun there! It is always better with these peeps! 

After partying, the skiers can just ski down to their resort. It is probably the fastest way to get down.

For more information about Club Med Val Thorens, Visit - CLUB MED VAL THORENS

Throughout this trip, I had a great time, good laughs, great food, I met some really nice people from different country,  I enjoyed the entertainment club med provided. I’m truly blessed. 

What else could one ask for?

Once again, Thank you Club Med for such an extraordinary travel experiences 
Till we meet again...........

Will upload my VLOG soon in my Youtube Channel, stay tuned 

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