9 Days 6 night in ITALY

25 June 2016

When dreams come true......It is not just a dream anymore! 

Yes, i've finally made it to Italy one month after my Paris trip. I still can't believe what had just happened. I've always been dreaming for a Europe trip. Paris is the first place i wanted to go, and i'm glad i made it and it is really a bonus for me that i get to travel to Italy too in such a short period of time after my previous trip! I've been travelling a lot these days because i want to see more, experience everything before i get old. There are places i must see at least once in life. Find #karenkhotravel to see more of my travel picture in Instagram ( IG @karenkh0

Travel around the world is my dream since young. I'm blessed to have family that love to travel as much as i do. Every year, we travel to different places, it is like a tradition for our family started when i was a kid. So yea, i guess that's the reason why i love to travel so much! Me and my family have been travelling in Asian countries for the past few years, finally this time round, we flew out of Asia. Say YAY! It's my bucket list, EUROPE! 

It was a 9 days 6 night in Italy. Europe. We are following tour, it costs us RM7428 for the tour, including the flight tickets, hotel stays for 6 nights, tour guided, transportation, food. It is all included except the Gondola rides we took in Venice. It is quite affordable and worthy for a Europe trip! 

Here's all the places i've been during this tour! This is has finally fulfill some of my bucket list.

#1 Colosseum, Rome ( Piazza del Colosseo )

This is our first stop upon arrival. Rome is one of most culturally rich cities in the world. The Colosseum is just one of the many Roman landmarks that you can't afford to miss.
The building is truly impressive and will cry out for the attention of your camera! 

We also manage to went in to the Colosseum. When you stand in the Colosseum you will feel the excitement that comes with knowing you are standing in a structure that was built almost 2,000 years ago.

How to get there:  Colosseo (Metro B) 
Entrance fees : €14.00

#2 Trevi Fountain, Rome ( Trevi De Fontana )

What else is there to say? If you come to Rome the Trevi Fountain is something you really must see. Pause for a moment and take in the beauty. Then throw in your coin. Yes, The most important thing to do when you are there is to throw a coin into the fountain: with your back to the fountain throw it in, over your shoulder. This is a sure guarantee that you’ll come back to Rome again one day. There’s another legend, too. If you throw three coins in: the first guarantees a repeat visit to the city; the second means a love affair, and the third means a wedding. 

When you think of Italy and food, often 3 items instantly come to mind: pizza, pasta and gelato! The fun part of being in Italy is to eat gelato every day and keep trying new flavors . Tiramisu and chocolate is my favourite among all! Try it out. 

#3 Piazza navona, Rome

Rome is consider a big city in Italy. Besides, Colosseum and Trevi Fountain we also manage to visit some other attractions. One of the city's most popular squares - Piazza Navona. Visited the Fountain of Neptune and Fountain of the four rivers, which is another different fountains in Rome. If you found it hard to take a photo in Trevi Fountain, go to this one. It is lesser crowd and it is surrounded with beautiful architecture, nice cafe and restaurants. Worth the visit. 

#4 The leaning tower of Pisa, Pisa. 

We also made it to the famous leaning tower of Pisa. It is so surreal to me because i always wanted to see the Pisa when i was a kid! I’m so excited to be there, i took my own sweet time by just starring at the tower itself after taking enough of pictures. LOL. Basically, this place is just Pisa itself, nothing much around the attraction. But still, it is worth to visit and take a photo with it! How can you not visit the leaning tower of Pisa when you’re already in ITALY! 
Everywhere is so photo worthy! It is really hard to take a nice photo when it is really crowded, you just need to find your own space. Be patient and wait for your turn. Hahaha.

But still, i’m quite satisfy with my photos. not much of photo bombing behind me. That’s good!
Half a day in Pisa is more than enough. 

How to get there : You can get a train there ( Station : pisa s. rossore train station )

#5 Florence, Italy ( Firenze )

We went to Florence right after our day trip in Pisa. 

No trip to Italy is truly complete without at least a Florence city break! Florence is one of my favourite city among all. Everywhere you go in Florence, you’re guaranteed to be wowed by the stunning architecture.  Florence is also foodie-heaven, and has some of the best gelato in the country. I love love love love everything about Florence. I need more time in Florence, maybe next time i will stay longer :/
To discover the city I recommend walking through the narrow streets and simply get lost in them!

#6 Venice, Italy

We went there for a half day trip. In Venice, No matter where you go, you'll find history, beauty and romance. Every corner you turn, it is like a real-life watercolor painting that a camera can never do justice. Venice is the perfect city to explore by foot, so walks! It is even better if you are travelling with your loved ones. 

If you are too lazy to walk, take a Gondola rides. 

Gondola rides are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So it is a MUST for me. Why not paying extra since you’re already there? It is around 25-20 minutes ride. We paid €25 per pax, but it can be cheaper. I heard my friend said the price range can be as low as €12-18 per pax if not mistaken. The price is negotiable.  
( This is not including in our tour fare, we paid by our own) 

The bridge of Sighs. It is the only covered bridge in Venice. Apparently, during the old times, this is for the prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window.

Piazza San Marco

St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the most-visited sights in Venice. It is located right in front of the St. Marco square. One of the landmark in Venice. Right opposite the St. Mark’s Basilica is all the branded luxury shops you can find if you walk further.

#7 Verona, Italy

Verona is located in Veneto, in North-Eastern Italy, between Milan and Venice.
It is another romantic city in Italy that i would love to revisit next time. 

Arena de Verona 
The first monument that you see upon entering is the impressive arena. It is something similar with colosseum but in a smaller version. Originally it could host around 25 000 spectators. Nowadays it is possible to visit the interior and or even watch an Opera, a ballet performance or hear a symphony orchestra play under the stars.
Around the Arena, there is a lot of shopping and restaurants you can find! I didn’t manage to do my shopping there because i don’t have enough time. That’s the disadvantage of following tours. 

Guess what, Verona is actually where the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet took place. We actually went to visit Juliet’s balcony. But it is really the most unromantic part of the city, Hahaha.  Because it is super crowded and packed with insane amount of people to just walk in the Balcony to take a picture with a bronze statue of Juliet’s. It is actually the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo declared his love. Oh well..
 Look at the crowd, it is no joke.

next stop - Lake Garden, Sirmione.
We headed to the town of Sirmione along Lake Garda, a historical small village with lesser tourists. 
Basically it is just a small town surrounded by the lake. 

You can enjoy the views by just sitting down at one of those restaurant and cafes. 

Last but not least ....

#8 Milano, Italy.

 Our last stop for the Italy itinerary. Milano - Fashon capital of the world or not, Milan has the kind of understated charm that takes a while to appreciate. If you can, stay longer at this place. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

One of the world’s oldest shopping malls, the magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is situated just to the side of the Duomo. Try to go early in the morning to visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Duomo Milano because it would be really crowded after 10am. 

Piazza del Duomo
This is Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square), named after the Duomo (Milan Cathedral). The Duomo is the most impressive and iconic building in Milan and the square in front of it is the centre of all the action. Is the largest cathedral in Italy and fifth largest in the world which took nearly six centuries to complete. The Piazza del Duomo is always filled with people and many tourists. But it wasn’t really crowded when i was there because it was raining. 

Overall, i’m pretty satisfy with the trip. Nothing much to complain about.

If i really have to complain about something regarding this trip, probably is the food they arranged. It is mostly Chinese cuisine, I’m not sure who requested it with the tours. But it would be better we can try more of the local food. Well, That’s also one of the disadvantages of joining a tour. But still, I rate this trip 8/10 because i really really love everything about Europe! I will definately go back one day! 

Trust me, If you haven't been to Europe, ITALY should definitely be your first stop! This trip is really not expensive as you thoughts. It is not going to break your bank if you don’t buy branded stuff. If Italy is one of your bucket list, don’t hesitate. Just fulfil your dream!

I will uploading my Travel Vlog soon in my Youtube Channels! Stay tuned :D

Don’t hesitate to drop my a comment if you have any questions :)


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    1. I joined Future Tour.
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    1. I'm using Sony A7 and Lumix GF8 for this trip

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