Goodbye Glasses

13 September 2016

When you have bad vision, there comes a point in your life where you can make the decision to keep wearing glasses, or to get contact lenses. Contact lenses are a great option for anyone who doesn't want to deal with glasses. ​Choosing the right contact lenses is an important decision that can affect your vision. Therefore, it is really important to find the right and trustable brand. So, i've came across this establish brand- Bausch + Lomb that can be find in all optic shops. 

I love wearing contact lens especially cosmetic lens and I have been wearing contact lenses for almost nine years already. I wear my contacts way more often then I wear my glasses, because in general I find them to be more convenient and easier to wear. 
Why I choose contact lenses over glasses? Mainly, It's because of the TREND! Others than that, I prefer the way I look in contacts. I am very comfortable and more confident with wearing contact lenses. If I wear contact lenses I can put on my make-up and my eye make-up definitely shows better this way, doesn't it? If I have my contact lenses on me, I can also wear stylish sunglasses when travelling or sightseeing on a sunny day. Moreover, I just love the freedom and convenience provided by contact lenses instead of glasses. Especially the enlarging big eyes contact lenses.

You know what, I’ve been wearing monthly disposable lenses before this until i found this daily disposable contact lenses. It is so much better than monthly disposable! Daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for a single day, and then thrown-away. It is more hygienic and so much convenience, especially for traveller like me. I can pack  light when i don’t have to bring my contact lenses solution.

I’ve been trying out the Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily lately.
 It comes in 3 different colours :

Aqua Glacier - Alluring aqua sheen of glacier that reflects a fun, approachable and refreshing personality.  

Surprisingly, Aqua Glacier makes my skin looks fairer after wearing it. 

Champagne Brown – Instantly light up your face with dazzling gorgeous brown. Provides a natural classy demure look.  

Pink Rose - For eyes with a scintillating sheen that is distinctively feminine. Pink Rose is a classic symbol of grace and gentleness

Overall, i really enjoy wearing Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily because i have sensitive and dry eyes, it is more comfortable and moisture when i wear it all day long. On top of that, the design of the lens is so trendy and natural, goes well with any of my makeup. Love it, especially the Champagne Brown and the Pink Rose series. Normally, i will just wear Champagne brown whenever i'm lazy to put on make-up cause it looks more natural and effortless. For a date night or outing, i will go for Pink Rose because it is more outstanding especially with make up on, even just a light makeup! Try it out yourself and create your different looks! 

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily is available at all major optical stores nationwide. Visit your nearest Focus Point Optical or Optimal Optical outlets to get your Lacelle Diamond Daily today!

  It retails at  RM42 per box for 10 pieces and RM110 per box for 30 pieces.  

To know more simply check out Bausch + Lomb Malaysia Facebook at 

 And official website for Bausch + Lomb  Nacelle series -

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