Why Women Should Strength Train

11 October 2016

I'm happy to say that i'm finally back on my fitness track once again. These few years, it is like ON&OFF all the time due to my busy schedule. The changing of my lifestyle and my priorities does effect my fitness routine. There is a time i get out of shape, i lost my motivation, i lost my direction..goals etc. My heart know what i wants but i'm just lazy to commit, too many excuses. But two months back, I've finally pulled myself back up. 

I'm really grateful to have some supportive friends and readers who constantly encourages me to go back to the gym. You guys are my motivation to move forward. I know, i really shouldn't give up myself just like that, i should put more hard work on improving myself even though i have tight schedule. Well, it is time to kick away all my excuses and make progress. 

It is time to find my positivity and my strength back, i should find the old Karen Kho back..hahahaha. I'm sorry that i never update my fitness journey in my blog for so long because I overthink too much! hahahah. I scare i might give up halfway and i'm not very confident with my body right now. But still, it is time to keep my blog alive. But, i will take it slow this time. Whenever i'm ready, i will share my tips and progress on my blog and my social media. So, Stay tuned. 

Recently, i have more time to hit the gym because my bf is working in the gym now.
Therefore, i have no excuses to skip the gym. 

I've changed my workout routine this time. NO MORE CARDIO and focus more on weight lifting and Muay Thai. I wanna be stronger than yesterday. What about you? Stop giving yourself excuses,  stop wasting time. If you are still doubting yourself. Read this, here is some of the reasons to convince yourself. 

1) Increase self-confidence

Most women aren’t aware of the physical strength they truly possess. However, once they increase their strength, they become of aware of their true abilities. Yes, it will be challenging and you’ll have to work hard and train consistently, but you will be able to perform chin-ups with your bodyweight.  It can happen, and it will as long as you train hard.

2) Build the body you really want.

Hours of cardio every week is not the best way to build a lean and strong body. Most women want to slim down; they want to cut down their body fat and build some feminine curves. Unfortunately when most women decide to start exercising, they automatically start doing hours of cardio each and every week. If they do “strength train”, it usually consists of machines or dumbbell exercises with very light weight for high reps.

If you want to shed body fat, build some curves and look better in and out of your clothes, then you need to lift weights (barbells, dumbbells, your bodyweight, kettlebells, etc) and get stronger.

Don’t listen to the cardio queens; strength training is how you build a strong, healthy, and lean body.

3) Leads to positive goals

Trust me, Strength training is a great way to set positive, motivating goals that will keep you going to the gym week after week, month after month, and year after year. And not to mention, allow you to achieve the body transforming results you’re after.

Don’t focus on going to the gym just to burn fat and calories. Instead set performance goals for yourself and adjust your strength training program accordingly.

Once you achieve some of those performance goals, your body will have transformed, and you’ll enjoy the journey it took to get there.

4) Stress relief

Stress at work? Get in the gym, follow your training program, and beat last week’s workout. If you know me in person, workout is my entertainment (because i don't watch tv) and it is the best way for me to release my stress. While Strength training is a great way to relieve some stress in a positive and productive manner. After setting some personal records in the gym, you may have completely forgotten about what upset you to begin with. ALL THE TIME. 

5) Leading by example

Training for strength, improving your health, and becoming the best you possible is a great way to teach the generations behind us; leading by example is much more powerful than words. Don’t let the generations behind you think all that matters is getting skinny and losing body fat. Show them the more positive, rewarding journey of strength training.

Today, Let's create a better self together :)

Thanks for reading, i hope i did motivate you a bit. 
I will share more about my workout routine and some workout tips next time.
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  2. Hi karen, can share your fitness meal plan for muscle building ? thanks

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  4. Lovely tips! I love pilates! ♥ Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

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  5. Great read - I couldn't agree more! Strength training is often so overlooked! Thanks :)