Traveling with Cathay Pacific Business Class

5 June 2017

I always loved to travel but yet i don’t really enjoy flying most of the time, especially on long haul. Flying can be really tiring if you didn’t get to rest well during the flight. It is hilarious i know, how can you avoid flying if you want to travel so much. Travelling almost every month these days, sometime i really hope there is a transporter where can just send me to my destination in a blink. 

Europe is always one of my favourite travel destinations and this round i’m lucky enough to tick off one of my bucket list - SPAIN! (I will blog about my spain trip soon in my next post, stay tuned) Yes,  Europe is so far away from home...another long haul flight. Long haul flight can be another nightmares for me, But i’m glad i’ve chosen Cathay Pacific Business Class this time. I got no worries at all. 

Out of so many airlines, i’ve chosen Cathay Pacific because boarding flights to Hong Kong is always an exciting time for me as this, by far, is also one of my all time favourite cities to be. I was super excited to finally try out Cathay Pacific business class for my long haul trip. So i took the Cathay Dragon Business Class connecting flight from KL and transit at HKG then to Spain. 

One of the best part of Business Class is get to access and enjoy your transit time at the lounge.  CX is operating a number of lounges at its hub (7 in total), all with different names (e.g. The Wing, The Pier, The Bridge and The Cabin). They are spread throughout the terminal, so that passengers can relax in the lounge nearest to their gate. I managed to visit two of them, which is The Pier and The Wing. Still, My favourite lounge is “THE PIER” ( Near Gate 65)

One of my favourite corner in “THE PIER” is probably the tea house. Where you can find tea varieties served by fine tea specialists. Also, there is some freshly made cold pressed juice for you to recharged yourself. Everything in the lounge including the services is premium. 

 I can stay there all day long. 

During my transit in Hong Kong, i also made my way to try out the shower room in The Pier.
It is really impressive because all the products is my favourite brands - AESOP

Appearantly, “ The Wing” is the nearer to my departure gate. So i went to The Wing after that
The waiting area
Meanwhile, you can also check your flight in the lounge. 
Make sure that you got the latest updates of your next flight 

Let boarding to the plane after the enjoyable moments in the lounge. HERE WE GO

Yes, it is time for a full night of rest + privacy, yes. 
This is one of the best business class cabins offer and makes for a very comfortable journey. Normally, I’m terrible for sleeping on planes. No matter which position I curl into or how many times I wake up with a stiff neck, it is really hard to get proper rest. In Cathay Pacific Business Class, you will be able to enjoy the fully flat bed. No problem sleeping at all. 
In terms of seating, you will not only enjoy a fully flat bed, also be given a mattress, a pillow ( of course, you can request more if you need) , and also a private space. 

Entertainment wise, it is available with a touch screen TV and noise cancelling headphones. 
There is more than 100 movies selection for you to choose from. If you don’t feel like sleeping, watch the in flight TV. 
The seat is quite spacious, enough for you to place all your stuff.

Not to mention that, Their services is awesome! This is probably one of the things i like the most from CX. The services is fast and i was greeted my name by the Cabin Crew. I’m impressed with their hospitality. 

A warm welcome drinks once you are on board

A special menu of the day for you : breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, light bites and a variety of drinks for you to choose from. Basically, you don’t have to worry about not getting enough of food in flight. Because they already got everything well-prepared. 

Before meal service the cabin crew do the rounds to deliver small amenity packs, complete with these sets for the passengers to refresh throughout the flight. Which includes lip balm, face serum and face mist to keep you moisturise during the flight. How thoughtful!

For the food. From starter to mains and then desserts.
CX make sure that they fill your stomach with good things, throughout the whole flight. 

Wine and Cheese is the best combination ever <3
There is also some chocolate for you to match with your wine or coffee after the meals.

Overall the experience was thoroughly enjoyable. CX have won my heart. Had a good slept in the flight although it is a long haul flight but Cathay Pacific services and flying experience made me feel so comfortable, warm and enjoyable in the skies. 

I love window seat because everytime I looked out I see something different. A different views, different cloud formation, different light, different colors. I really love to be flying above the clouds to somewhere i wander. No matter how many times I travel, i still enjoy it very much. 

Looking forward for more adventures ahead! 

Landed in Madrid Spain after 14 hours of enjoyable flight experience.
Next, will be blogging about my 11 days trip in SPAIN


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