11 days in spain - RONDA

3 August 2017

As i mentioned earlier, my trip begin in Madrid and off to south, Ronda. Ronda is a city in the Spanish province of Málaga, about 100kms from the city of Malaga. We took a high speed train to Málaga and drove around 2 hours to get there. You can also spend a few days in Málaga before heading off to Ronda. It is easier to just rent a car to get around, so you can take your own sweet time to drive there, enjoy the view along the journey etc. 

Ronda is one of the oldest towns in Spain.

I visit Ronda for the first time and i’m in love with this little town, have been dying to return with my loves one in the future! It’s one of those cities that captures your imagination. From beautiful alleyways and cobbled streets, to ancient city walls, the famous new bridge and incredible sweeping landscapes, it’s easily one of the most photogenic cities in Spain. It is a MUST VISIT place in south of Spain! One of my favourite place during this trip! 
There’s no words to describe how beautiful this town are!

Ronda is located on top of a mountain, divided in half by a deep gorge, with panoramic views around the surrounding countryside. There are old city walls, winding cobblestone streets, and Spain’s oldest bull ring. It’s like walking through a postcard! I felt in love instantly. 

The views is breathtaking..

It’s the perfect town to explore, for sipping wine and watching the world go by.
This town is so unbelievably pretty that everywhere you turn is a spectacular photo-worthy view. 

Visit The Puente Nuevo Ronda’s 

It is like the landmark of this town. This 18th Century bridge is what draws the crowds. Joining the two sections of the city, the bridge reaches a height of 100m, with its base deep in the base of the gorge and the Guadalevín river. We took a little walk to the opposite to get a better view of the bridge. 

VISIT THE BULLRING Plaza de Toros - The Bullring

I’m pretty sure all of you know about bull fighting in Spain. It is one of their culture. 
Guess what,  Ronda is actually the birthplace of the modern bullfighting nowadays

There’s a museum and guided audio tours around the bullfighting ring. 
The price of entry is 6.50€ per person and 8.00€ with an audio-guide. 


Hotel Catalonia Reina Victoria This hotel is located in the centre of the town, very close to Ronda's landmarks and the famous Tajo de Ronda. Everything is just walking distance in Ronda, spend 1-2 days in Ronda and explore everything by foot. I really love the environment of the hotel! Especially the backyards, the breakfast and of course the panorama views from my balcony. 

My Room for 2 nights 
The breakfast place, the views outside the window is so surreal, like a piece of painting. 

Address: Hotel Catalonia Reina Victoria Calle Jerez, 25, 29400 Ronda, Malaga

Trust me, Ronda is one of the place you can’t afford to miss! This place is unforgettable for me, i really love this town. Well, Now you know where to go if you are visiting Spain anytime soon :)

Stay tuned 

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