My Daily MakeUp featuring Anti-Darkening Cushion & Flat Lipsticks

1 February 2018

It’s been years since I shared my daily makeup routine. My first concern is my skin because i have uneven skin tone, scars and dull skin. Finding a foundation that suitable for my skin wasn’t quick and easy for me. I tried a lot and this is by FAR the best option I have found. Goodbye foundation and bb cream! In my everyday make up, i use cushion instead of foundation because it is much more easier to apply and more even application. I don’t use concealer all the time, unless there is a photo shoot and event day. If you ask me, my priority for my daily makeup would be cushion and lipsticks. This two item is a MUST! Recently, i’ve came across this newly launched product from THE FACE SHOP which is Anti-Darkening Cushion & Flat Lipsticks and i’m in love with it.  

This Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation is the newest extension to the Miracle Finish line. It’s specially designed to combat dullness, brighten up your complexion and give you velvety-smooth skin all year round. Yes, this is your answer to a long-wearing, perfect complexion – even without the need for touch-ups!

Yay! It is time to level up your foundation game ( i’m using V203)

 Here’s how THE FACE SHOP’s Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation boosts your complexion: 
  • UVA & UVB filters keep skin protected from sun’s rays  
  • HD technology prevents foundation from darkening  
  • Lemon Balm Extract & Chamomile Extract give you all-day comfort  
  • Mandarin Peel Extract & Persimmon Leaf Extract brighten up the skin

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER of my face applying the Anti-Darkening Cushion. You can tell my skin is dull and uneven skin tone before applying anything. Second photo on the right is right after applying the cushion on half of my face. See the different! It is pretty easy to apply and the coverage is good and it won’t feel cakey and dry at all. Love it! 


 1. Gently press one corner of the sponge on the cushion.  
2. Tap foundation lightly onto skin instead of swiping or rubbing.  
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for extra coverage around eyes, nose and mouth.  
4. Voila – a beautiful, seamless finish!

THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation (RM104.83 incl. GST // 15g) 
comes in 4 versatile shades for warm- to cool-toned complexions. 

Available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets from January 2018.

NEXT UP ..............

Last but not least, Lips color can give you a boost in the most adverse situations. Lips color is one of my most important part of the make-up. No matter the time of year or the trend of the moment, every woman should have a few lipstick colors in her collection. Since a lipstick can change your mood and is a key ingredient in many finished looks. It is a MUST for me to complete my looks.  


  • Provides delicate, defining finish with flat shaped stick which prevents colours from feathering or bleeding 
  • Captivating colour expression & high-impact finish, only with a single touch 
  • Highly pigmented formula delivers brilliant look of colour

These flat lipsticks come in 2 FINISHES: 

  • Silky Texture System ‘Silicon cross polymer’ that feels weightless & non-sticky, makes the texture glide over by filling up the fine lines of the lips. 
  • ‘Oil gel’ creates silky smooth, wrinkle-free lips. 
  • Enabling matt, powdery finish  

  • High Glossy Polymer Network A ‘Polymer network’ is built when the formula is applied to the skin. It helps pigments to fit onto the lips and coats the surface evenly. Eventually, this results in an ultra-glossy shine and intense colour expression. 
  • Enabling moisturizing finish, excellent gloss without stickiness.

 Yes, as i mentioned earlier. It is a flat shape lipsticks and it is much easier to apply compare to the normal lipstick. It is like a lipstick and lip liner in one! 

Here is a photo of the colour chart ...

Here a few step of how to apply the flat lipsticks. Check out the BEFORE and AFTER 
Now you know how important it is to put on a lipstick :P

These three are my favourite among all. 
I really love the texture of the lipstick because it is so smooth and easy to apply. The colour is quite lasting too and the shape of the lipsticks is so portable, easy to carry around with my small bag. 

Alright, That's all for today, hopefully my sharing helps! Do comment down below and let me know if you want to know more about my make-up products and skin care routine.

THE FACE SHOP Flat Lipsticks are priced at RM45.00 each, You can get them at any outlets as The Face Shop has close to 50 outlets in Malaysia and you can also shop for them online at their website

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