Why do i redo my Double Eyelids

24 February 2018

I’m back! Recently, I’ve received tons of messages asking me regarding my eyelids. Yes, i know there's a lot of you out there who are curious about the details & procedure about this. 
Therefore, i'm going to share about it here.  

I’m sure a lot of you notice that i’ve redo my double eyelid once again. Yes, the main reason why i decided to redo is because i want a higher crease. I still remember the last time i did my double eyelid stitching was 4 years ago if i’m not wrong. So i guess it about time to redo cause i want a higher crease (parallel eyelids), which can make my eyes much bigger compare to the last time i did. Basically, i just want it to be more obvious especially after applying my daily make up. So yes, i did it again. 

Of course, I went back to the doctor i trusted all these years- Dr. Rachel Chew. She did my eyelids too last time. So i went back to her and request for a higher crease. Because she know what i need and she will never disappoint me. 

So, here’s a photo of the BEFORE

I chose stitching over cutting method because the downtime is shorter and is is more natural compare to the cutting double eyelid. 

Stitching ( non-cutting) & Cutting 

 Skinartesse Scarless Double Eyelid. (sewing/stitching)

This Skinartesse Double eyelid stitching is unlike the traditional method of double eyelid surgery which uses a blade to cut the skin of the upper eyelid to form a crease. It creates more define and scarless crease.  Skinartesse Double eyelid stitching also known as the non-cutting / non incisional double eyelid surgery technique. No cutting, no surgery blade at all is required. 

WHY Skinartesse scarless Double eyelid stitching??

  •  It gives a more natural crease, natural look
  • The downtime is shorter & there is no wound / cut created
  • There is no scar, cut, or blade mark when you close your eyes;
  •  It has lower risks then the cutting / blade technique;
  • No one will know that you had double eyelids done because it just looks so NATURAL

For example, To be safe... If you don't like outcome of stitching, you can change in the next few years, since it only last for few years.  Plus, there won't be much scarring as compared to the cutting method. Honestly, I prefer something natural. 


This procedure is Suitable for : 

-Sick off double eyelid tapes/glues
- Single eyelid, low eyelid crease
-eye with multiple eyelid crease
-Unbalance eyelid
-Puffy eyes 


Well, i guess most of you all concern about the down time more than anything else. To be honest, it is painless because during the surgery it is numb after the injection. Basically, you won’t feel pain during the stitching surgery so don’t worry about it. After the surgery, you will feel a bit heavy on the lids but it is totally fine. Here is a photo of my eyes after the double eyelids surgery. 
As you see, on the 3rd day. My lids is less swelling. Only a little bruises on the right eyes which seems like i’ve applied eyeliner. LOL. But on the 3rd day, my eyes is not painful anymore. Just need to avoid it to contact with water and of course, no eyes make up is allowed.

After one week, the swelling reduces and i’m able to put my contact lens on. 
No eyes make up allowed until the 3-4rd weeks after the surgery. But trust me, you won’t need any eyes make up after double eyelids surgery because you eyes will looks naturally big :P

Another comparison photo from the side. BEFORE and AFTER
Now you know why i need to redo my double eyelids? Cause it is much BETTER! hehehe

My downtime is pretty FAST this time compare to first time i did. I think mainly because i avoids spicy/salty food, alcohol for one month after the double eyelid surgery. Remember to eat the antibiotics that doctor provides, rest well, drink more water. Also, i’ve removed my eyelashes extension before the surgery ( the first time i didn’t, that’s why it is swollen) Well, if you did your double eyelids too, try what i’ve said, It helps! 

Overall, I’m very satisfy with it and I’m in love with the results. 
Thank you Dr. Rachel for saving my eyes once again!

If you are interested to read about my first double eyelids surgery experience
Read more here - http://www.karen-kho.com/2014/08/my-double-eyelid-stitching-experience.html

Last but not least, as i always mentioned, look for the reliable doctor with licensed and great experiences. Do not simply look for uncertified beautician for aesthetic injection. No matter how cheap the price can be. it is not worthy to risk your life on it.

Love yourself, find the right and trustable one!

To know more about qualified aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, read more :

For those who are interested to know more about this treatment
Feel free to go to their website at http://www.rachelchewclinic.com

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and helpful information. =)

    But I want to know did you remove your first time stitches before you redo your double eyelids? At the same day?