Nakakirei Enzymes Review

31 March 2018

Due to the busy schedule. Today’s woman needs more for her health than just a healthy meal on their own, especially when it comes to  have a good digestive health.     

Do you all know that many of today’s foods are filled with preservatives. How many people can truly say they know where their food comes from and what it is made of? The meat we are consuming, how it is raised, and what it is fed before being sacrificed to feed humans? Sadly, we have no idea what we are really putting into our stomach. As much as science tries to mimic the benefits of the foods we eat, it has yet to find a way to duplicate enzymes.     

Are enzymes really that important to our bodies? The answer is yes! Women especially need them because they help eliminate carbs and unnecessarily things from our bodies.  

Well, recently I’ve came across a diet supplement that has sold over 6.4 million packs in more than 37 countries. It comes all the way from Japan. It is highly recommended by a friend of mine. She used to have constipation problem (bowel movement used to happen only once in 3 days or once a week before consuming this and now her problem is solved! Her stomach feels refreshed and so much lighter. So, I decided to give it a try as I have the same problem especially during travel. 

 Let me share with you about my research of enzymes! 


● Enzymes decrease with age, but you can only compensate it through meals.  
●   Enzymes contain all the important nutrients and is necessary for digestion  
● Although you can get them from fruits and vegetables, since enzymes are weak to heat, if you cook the food, enzymes will not survive. 
● There are a lot in traditional Japanese foods such as miso contains koji enzymes   ● "NakakireiKoso" was made from Koji Enzymes. 
●  It can effectively digest lipids, sugars, and proteins all at once. Most of the users who have bad constipation problem (bowel movement happens only once or twice in 3 days or once a week), their problem is solved and able to defecate every morning. Obvious feedbacks that I found is that they feel the stomach refreshed and lighter. 


 ● To digest food. This process allows the food that you eat to be used as energy, to support the building of new muscle and nerve cells, as well as protecting your blood from toxins. 
● If you lack enzymes, you will not be able to digest foods and will gain weight for it will remain in your stomach.


● Women (age 25 years old and above)  
● People who concern about constipation/ has constipation problem 
● People who want to lose weight 
● People who gain weight more easily as they age


●  Take 2 tablets with luke warm water within 30 minutes before your meal. 
●  If you don't see the different with this way, try to gradually increase your intake to 3 tablets or 4 tablets per consumption  . ** Try to find the amount the suits you the best.

You can either take it before meal with a glass of warm water or after meal. It is recommended to take more after you ate a lot of meat or something hard to digest. Even after drinking session, you can also take Nakakirei during or after to prevent hangover.

Btw, it is not a medicine, it is more like a supplement that helps our body works better! You will feel the results after two weeks. The fact is after I’ve been consuming for 3 weeks, I feel much healthier and refreshing. Looking forward to continue for better results.  

Are you suffering from regular constipation or looking for a weight loss health supplement? Why not give Naka Kirei Enzymes a try? Made of completely natural ingredients and it is made in Japan. What I like to do is to take mine after dinner at night. I find it really helps me digest my food better!

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