4D3N in Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam | PART 2

9 April 2018

OLA! Thank you for waiting. Here’s my part 2 of my Vietnam trip.
Basically it is all about my half day tour in Mui Nee

We booked a day tour upon arrival in Ho Chih Minh from one of the local travel agency. We didn’t really plan for it, just randomly walked in and enquires about the places that we can go for a day tour.  So we decided to go for Mui Nee, which is 3 hours away from Ho Chih Minh. The tour is including transportation for 6 pax, a english speaking tour guide, a meal and 3 attractions and it costs us approximately MYR150 per pax. 

The highlight of Mui Nee is mainly for the WHITE SAND DUNES and the RED SAND DUNES, and our main purpose is actually the White Sand Dunes. But we made a mistakes during the communication with the tour. They actually promises us 4 attractions which is White Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes, Fishing Village and Fairy Spring. But ended up, they didn’t bring us to the White Sand Dunes, they said need to top up another MYR200 for that destination -.- That’s why, we felt like we got cheated and missed out White Sand Dunes. 

So, when you book you tour, make sure you ask them to list down all the destination they included before you pay. ( lesson learned lol )

Alright, Let’s go back to our topic. What’s with Mui Nee

The tour actually suppose to depart at 4AM in the morning, but we insist to go at 6AM because i don’t think we will enjoy waking up at 4AM in the morning. LOL. But trust me, even we depart at 6AM we still have plenty of time to visit all of the places and went back to Ho Chih Minh city at 4PM,  and reached our hotel at 7 something. But it is totally up to you, adjust your own time cause it’s your tour. 


It is the smaller version of White Sand Dunes, so you can walk around by yourself. It is super sunny when we go, and it is so hard to walk on the sand during hot weather. LOL. Make sure you bring slipper. Once you set foot on the desert, you’ll encounter some ladies trying to lend you their sliding broad around 3000 Dong. It’s totally fine if you are interested to have some fun sliding down the sands. We didn’t, because i don’t want to get the sand into my eyes. LOL 

Bright red dunes that make you feel like you’re crossing a desert. And you can even see the sea from them – so surreal!

We only spent less than 30 minutes there because there is nothing around. Just quickly snap whatever photo we want to snap and leave cause the sun is super strong.  But still, it is worth a visit, cause i manage to take nice photos! That’s about it. HAHA


Mui Ne Fishing Village is a great place to witness local life and enjoy fresh seafood during your holiday . We just drop by and walk around the beach, nothing much. 
There are plenty of colourful boats along the beach

You can also find fisherman selling fresh seafood along the beach. 

Just in case you wonder, this is our lunch. It is included in the tour. 
Not the best but acceptable, as long as it fill up our tummy. 


This place is my favourite! A pretty place to visit near Mui Ne is the Fairy Spring. There weren’t any fairies but you can walk through the stream of water along the brown yellow mountain landscape. 

You need to leave your walking shoes at the side because you’re going to walk through the water.
Therefore, don’t wear expensive shoes to Mui Nee, just bring your cheap slippers will do haha. 
The fairy stream is a peaceful stream of water that runs alongside impressive rock and sand formations. The colour, formed by clay and limestone particles is a vivid red, mixed with pale white sand which ultimately forms a soft red creek. This place is so photogenic, love it! 

I got tanned after this trip. Make sure you bring sun screen, shades and hat when you go! 

That’s all for our half day tour in Mui Nee. Of course, there are plenty of destination around Ho Chih Minh that you can visit. Do your research before you go, check all the places that you wish to go and book your tour from travel agency or local tour agency like we did. 

Explore at your own way and your own pace! Enjoy Travel guys!

Just in case you haven’t read my Vietnam Trip PART 1, click HERE 

Once again, thank you for reading! 
Let me know if you wish to know anything about this trip, would love to help if i can! 


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