Places to go in Jaipur | PART 2

26 November 2018

Experience the royal way of life in Jaipur. From fine cuisine to distinct architecture, the hospitality of the people is as warm as the blush hues that embrace the cityscape! Jaipur is truly a gem. 
Finally have time to continue my PART 2. If you haven’t read my previous post, you can read it HERE. After Delhi we headed for Jaipur, The pink city of Rajasthan. Everything is photogenic in Jaipur. Here’s some best place to visit in Jaipur. 


Jaipur’s most iconic landmark

Hawa Mahal is the best and the most distinctive palace of Jaipur which glorifies local skills in creativity. Five storeys high, the palace is built with pink and red sandstone that comprises of a honeycombed architecture. It was constructed for the women of the royal family to observe and relish the street festivals while being unseen by the crowd. The top of the Hawa Mahal gives a remarkable view of the Pink City.

It’s right next to City Palace so you can visit them at the same time.


Jaipur’s main attraction is its City Palace. Framed around colorful pink walls. But of course! One of the reason that i want to visit this place is because of this blue painted room. To visit this part of the palace, we actually pay around RM200 for the ticket to get in to this part of the palace
The signature blue painted room. It is so beautiful! 

Jaipur City Palace is evidently restored immaculately, with shimmering chandeliers, perfectly arched gates and intricately-carved patios.

We spent almost 2-3 hours to walk around and take photo around the palace. It is walking distance from CITY PALACE to HAWA MAHAL and JOHARI BAZAAR. So you can arrange your these few spot at a day. 


Johari Bazaar is great for its jewellery and block-printed textile offerings. There are plenty of variety for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a simple souvenir for friends, this might be the place to go!  Opening hours: 11am–7pm; closed on Sundays & public holidays


This is one of my favourite place in Jaipur. It is a MUST-VISIT place

The history part of JAIPUR

The ancient settlement of Amber (or Amer) was once a city itself but is now part of Jaipur. The main reason to visit is to see the magnificent 16th-century Amber Fort. This is a 10 km drive and with panoramic views across the city and countryside, it’s even better to see at sunset. Better timing to take photo and lesser crowd.

I strongly recommended that one takes the services of a guide to explore this palace without whom it is difficult to understand what each section of the fort or palace resembles and its significance. The guide would charge you Rs 250 for taking you around. 
How to enter? The fort entrance is reached by walking up the hill, going in a jeep, or taking a Elephant ride. It is too hot to walking up the hill so we took a jeep upon arrival at the carpark area, it costs us 300 rupee. And it does stop at some photo stop for us to take photo before entering the Amber fort. 

Traces of the ancient royal lifestyle can still be seen from the buildings and architectures. Take some time and admire all the bedrooms, bath tubs, courtyards and more.

Btw, this super instagrammable place is actually build above sea level and descend to the pond area. This area is actually a step well, where people used to collect water during monsoon season for domestic use during the older days. But due to some safety reason, people are not allow to walk down to the stairs to take photo anymore. Unless during the evening time when the guard is off. 

Opening Hours: 8.00 a.m. -17.30 p.m.   
Entry Fee : 200 rupee

How to reach Amber Fort 
Elephant Ride: For two persons approx Rs. 900/- Ride is available for one way only.  


Jawahar Circle is located in a Garden. Another photogenic place in Jaipur, feel free to ask your driver to drop by when you have extra time to take a look and snap a photo. Basically there is nothing much to do there, probably just need around 20-30 minutes visit. It’s a biggest circle and is a well maintained Garden. Around 250 meters from the Airport. 
Patrika gate gives you a sneak peek into the vibrant culture of Rajasthan as each pillar is dedicated to some or the other part of the state. Hand paintings of temples, forts, palaces, portraits of Jaipur rulers, blue pottery, jewelry, photographs of Amer, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jal Mahal are found here to give a glimpse of the entire history of Jaipur. 



Palladio Cafe – This is the best of the best for lunch in Japuir. It’s meant to be mostly Lebanese, but you’ll find just about anything on the menu and it’s healthy western food. The cafe is one of the cutest buildings in Jaipur! Very artsy and Instagrammable.

It's chic furnishings and wallpaper are to die for.
If you are tired of eating Indian food, can try out some cafe food here. 
I love the healthy and simple menu here. 

Caffe Palladio
Hours : 12.30pm-10.30pm (CLOSED ON TUESDAY)
 Add : 100 J L N Marg | Santha Bagh, Jaipur 302003, India

#ZARPAR RESTAURANT ( Kashmiri Cuisine) 

We had our dinner here. Found this place from google and it is unexpectedly good. Love the environment, the services and especially the food! I highly recommended. 
Authentic Kashmiri dishes

Zarpar Kashmiri Food Veg and Non Veg Restaurant
Hours : 12-11pm daily 
Add : SDC Vinay Building, 9th Brown Sugar, 38-39, Calgiri Marg, Mauji Colony, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017, India

TRUST ME,  It is better to book a tour and a tour guide because it will help you to save up a lot of time and trouble during the visit. Of course, it is much more safer too. We go to all the places by booking our private driver from KLOOK. For those who are interested to book yours, feel free to click on the link below :

Enter < KLOOKKAREN> to enjoy RM20 off on your booking.

If you go to Jaipur for a taste of local culture, shopping, sightseeing, and of course, incredible photos, you will not be disappointed. Trust me, it is SAFE to travel and it is really worth a visit! 

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