16 September 2019

We started our journey from the West of Turkey

I’ve shared about some travel tips and the transportation expenses in my previous post. You can read it HERE. In this article, i will be sharing all the details of my itinerary. We landed in Istanbul early in the morning and took a transit domestic flight to IZMIR. Once we arrive in IZMIR, we drove all the way down to a town called ALACATI

(TIPS : Try to arrange at least 2-3 hours in the airport for transit upon arrival because the Istanbul airport is really HUGE)


Izmir to Alacati: The closest airport to Alacati is in Izmir – Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (airport code: ADB) – the drive from Izmir to Alacati will take you approximately 50 minutes. 

We rent a car from IZMIR ADB airport by AVIS Rental Company thru EXPEDIA. We choose AVIS because they have more option to drop-off the car at different airports. We want to drop our car at DENIZLI airport (Pamukkale) after, so these was the only option we had and it is more reliable cause it is an international car rental company. For the petrol, There are plenty of places to fill up on petrol along the way. So don’t worry about it. 

You can check the car rental price from my previous post, click HERE


If you want to experience the seaside holiday in Turkey, Alaçatı is a place you have to visit! There are numerous restored old Greek houses in Alaçatı, that makes the whole town looks like you are in Greece. This town is a hidden gem that you won’t see a lot of Asian tourists around. 

Alacati ( Pronounced “Ala-Cha-ti”) It was love at first sight 

We walked down to Alacati main street and you will found tiny streets with beautiful stone buildings and there is a lot of nice restaurants, cafes, and antique shops and gift shops. Wandering through the cobblestone streets and checking out the colourful buildings is one of best things to do in Alacati. Take it easy and sip on Turkish coffee during the day and wine at night.

Alacati is the perfect place to get lost in the picturesque streets while doing some shopping, watch the world go by from the terrace of one of the many cafes before having a romantic dinner and heading to your boutique hotel. The best time to visit the main streets is during the golden hour  

I use google map to search for all the attractions,cafes and restaurants around.

Walking along the main street and you will get to see the 19th century windmills. 
There is no entrance fee and can be visited any time of day.

  Ancient stone windmills that sit on top of the hill overlooking the village are Alacati’s symbol. These cute windmills that date to the 1850s are among the oldest structures in the area.

Besides strolling around the Alacati Streets, you can also visit the beach club if you love sun tanning like me. Alacati is located in the centre of Cesme Peninsula, it is surrounded by the water and its beaches are all within easy reach. There are around 50 beach clubs around this city. We managed to visit one of them which is KAFEPI Beach Club

It is less than 10 minute drive from our hotel. The entrance fees is 80TL per pax ( You will get a normal seats, the price is not including the food and drinks) We ordered a beer, a cocktails and fries. It costs us around 100TL if i’m not mistaken.. 


There are chic boutique hotels and hostels that you can spend a great time at in Alaçatı. 
There are many many cute boutique hotels with affordable price, you check them at or Expedia. I booked my hotel and my parent’s one from Try to find the hotel that are nearer to the main streets of Alacati, so it would be easier for you to explore around. 

Transport : For us, we rent a car on the first few days. So it is easier for us to get around.

 Im staying at Evliyagil Hotel by Katre, around RM500 per night including breakfast

And my parents one is in Alacati Alaris Hotel. It is around RM200 per night including breakfast
There is still a lot more nice boutique hotel around the area, you guys can check from

For me, I think 2D1N is more than enough to spend in Alacati, we drive to Ephesus the next day around 6.30am. Because Ephesus is around 1.30 hours away from Alacati. We wanted to avoid the crowd so we decided to leave early so that we can reach Ephesus at 8AM. Trust me, it is better to visit early in the morning. 

I’m a big fans of historical sites. Therefore, Ephesus is a MUST!
The city was once considered the most important Greek city over 2000year and it is the most important trading center in the Mediterranean region. Throughout history, Ephesus survived multiple attacks and changed hands many times between conquerors.

The highlight of Ephesus is the iconic Roman Library of Celsus
The entrance fee is 72TL for the normal ticket.
You can literally walk in the footsteps of ancient Greeks and Romans!
*The whole area is pretty HUGE, you might need to spend at least 2-3 hours there*

As you might see from these photos, the sun shines powerfully down on the reflective white marble of Ephesus, so for summer touring, do bring a hat or sun umbrella.I highly recommend to visit this sites early in the morning. You can also hire a guide to explain the stories behind these magnificent historical sites. You can find them in the entrance, usually they will approach you. Just ask for the price on the spot if you’re interested.  

After visiting Ephesus, we went for a Lunch in Selcuk town which is less than 15 mins drive from Ephesus and drive all the way down to Pamukkale. (2.30 hours drive from Ephesus) 

Will blog about Pamukkale and Istanbul at my next article
stay tuned! Thank you for reading *xoxo 

Feel free to drop a comment if you want to know more about my trip :)

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