24 November 2019

Here comes to my favourite part of TURKEY, Cappadocia 
Cappadocia, Turkey has long held at the first place on my travel bucket list. Cappadocia in Turkey really is the dreamiest of dream places, all those photos you’ve seen really do look like the real thing, actually no, I think the real thing is even better! 

Also, my bf but now my fiancé proposed to me in my dream place during the trip
It is one of my sweetest dream i ever had in my life. A moment to cherish forever
Thank you for making my trip a memorable one <3

As i promised, i will be sharing every single bit of my travel tips and all the information you need to know about traveling to Cappadocia Turkey. So keep scrolling. 


In order to get to Cappadocia, you have to fly into this two airports: Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR) in Kayseri and Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport (NAV) in Gülşehir. Nevsehir is a bit closer to Goreme, but the difference isn’t much, both taking less than an hour.

 Kayseri (Erkilet International Airport) from Istanbul. The flight is only about 45 minutes, and both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines offer super cheap flights (under $100). Prior to your arrival in Kayseri, ask your hotel for a shuttle from the airport or book your shuttle from local travel agency.  Just provide them your arrival time and flight number and they will arrange accordingly, it is around 40TL per pax. They can drop you off directly to your hotel in Goreme. 

Trust me, it is much more CHEAPER to take the shuttle services than TAXI
Because upon the arrival, i took a meter taxi and it costs me 400TL from airport to the hotel.
It is so expensive and not worthy at all. So, remember to arrange the shuttle bus in advance. 


According to the locals, months of March-May (spring) and October-November (autumn) are the most ideal, because the temperatures are comfortable and the crowds manageable.


I stayed in Cappadocia for 4D3N and i don’t regret it. Without a doubt that the perfect amount of time to stay in Cappadocia is three or four full days. This gives you enough time to explore the entire area and fit all of the best activities in. If you choose to stay longer, you can have another day to enjoy the hot air balloon ( from different view ). Trust me, it is all worth it. Also, The Hot Air Balloon ride is very depending the weather, so i highly recommend to stay a little longer maximize your chances of getting on a flight or get to see them.

Watching the Hot Air Balloon rising at the Sunrise/Sunset Point 

Here is two things that u MUST do in Cappadocia 

TAKE A HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE You can’t visit Cappadocia without going up in a hot air balloon at sunrise! It is such a magical experience floating up with 50-100 other balloons at dusk and rising up into the sky as the sun paints beautiful colors across the horizon. You can only get to see this in Cappadocia, so don’t miss it. It is worth the money!

Next, WATCH THE HOT AIR BALLOONS In addition to actually riding in a balloon, make sure you also watch the hot air balloons from the ground. You can do this from virtually anywhere in Cappadocia, but the absolute best view of the balloons is from Sultan Cave Suites or at the Sunrise point. You can also rent a classic car from the local tour agency to chase after the Hot Air Balloon for better view of the Hot Air Balloon. There are a lot of local tour agency along the main street in Goreme. Just ask them for the price and you can nego with them too. 

The best time of year to go hot air ballooning in Cappadocia is from April to November as the most favorable weather conditions are during these months; because of strong winds most of the flight cancellations take place from December to March.


It is approximately 180-200 euro per pax. There are many different company but they are more or less the same. We booked our very last minute from the local tour agency one day before our flight. The flight is around 1 hour, and it is including a certificate, a champagne toast upon laded and also some light breakfast before the flight.

Alongside that experience, there are a few other attractions I’d definitely recommend making time for. In the afternoon in Cappadocia, you can actually book a tour to explore the city. We booked our from KLOOK before the trip. Basically all the tour including hotel pick up and some include lunch/dinner too. 
 They have all sources of different type of tour that can bring you to the main attractions in Goreme

Also, we went for a horseback riding tour. It is around RM171 per pax
I recommend to take the 1 hour tour than the 2 hours one because 2 hours is slightly too long. Also, choose the morning session because it is more chilling in the morning. Evening might be a bit too hot before the sunset.

There are a lot of different tour and activities that you can do in Cappadocia.

Just download KLOOK apps in your phone, register an account, search the activity by location and you will see a variation of activities to choose from. Just choose what suits your itinerary and interest from the sites will do. Once you purchase, they will send you an confirmation email, and the tour will Whatsapp you one day before the tour for the pick up location. 

 You can also book it from the website -


We booked our first night at LOCAL CAVE HOUSE.
The location of this hotel is quite good, because the sunrise/sunset point is just right behind this hotel. While, to the main street of goreme, it is around 3-5 min walk, which is quite near too. Also, The services is good, staff are very friendly and helpful. The price is very affordable too! It is around RM250++ per night during our stay. ( depending on the season )

They have family room too, it is cheaper if you travel with a group and book a family room.
If you want to book a HOT AIR BALLOON ride, the reception can help with that too. 
The reason why i book this hotel is because of this pool view. The only things i don’t like about this hotel is, they don’t have a rooftop terrance. So, i suggest to stay at least 1 night here, and book another hotel if you want a terrance view in the morning with the hot air balloon. 

The room is including breakfast too. Breakfast starts at 7am every morning.

Address : Gaferli Mah, Cevizler Sok. No.11, Goreme, 50180 Turkey
Tel : +90 384 271 2171

Another two nights we manage to booked SULTAN CAVE SUITES. I always wanted to stay at this hotel in Goreme because of the legendary rooftop. It is perfect for Panoramic View for watching the Hot Air Balloons early in the morning. We are lucky enough to book two nights here and we bought the air ticket to Turkey after we secure the stay and plan our itinerary accordingly. LOL. 

Also, the rooftop is actually very crowded in the morning because basically everyone who visit Goreme will wake up early to see the Hot Air Balloon. So you might need to get up a little early (before the sunrise) to queue for a photo. But trust me, it is worth it. We are lucky enough to have a random tourists that queue behind us to take this photo of us. 
Photo taken by iPhone 8 plus, no filter at all

But the price is slightly higher compare to the rest. It is around RM750+ per night.  If you can’t manage to book Sultan Cave, you can also try Mithra Cave, which is right beside Sultan Cave, but it is slightly more expensive than Sultan Cave and it is always full too. 

The breakfast was good, and the view is amazing too! 
Every corner is photo worthy. 

Add : Aydinli Mah, Aydinli Sk. No.40, Goreme, 50180 Turkey
Tel : +90 384 271 3023

To be honest, there are much more nicer and affordable hotel around, if you don’t mind about the legendary rooftop terrance. You can consider these few that i’ve survey .

- Corus Hotel ( New, More modern, with air con)
- Travellers Cave Pension ( Family room, clean, good services, affordable price, with aircon)
- Traveller’s Cave Hotel ( Budget, good location, along the main street ) 

Also, there is a lot more. You can check from or Expedia
Remember to read the review before you proceed the booking. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, some of my tips before you fly there : 
-remember to bring at least one pair of sneaker. It is easier to walk with sneaker in Goreme. 
- bring sunscreen, it is really sunny in the afternoon.
-bring lotion & hydration mask, the weather is very dry

Alright, I’m finally complete with my TURKEY TRAVEL BLOG!
Hopefully i didn’t missed out anything. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any question

Thank you for reading <3

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