Birthday Dinner ♡

28 August 2012

I'm officially twenty one now. *no more underage problem* YEAH!
Received so many message from Facebook,twitter,instagram,text and whatsapp.
Thanks everyone who remembering my day and thanks for the wishes.
Sorry i don't have time to reply one by one.But i really appreciate that :)

On the actual day,We actually went to Shangri-la Hotel for our dinner.
It's always my first choice for Buffet Dinner,never never disappoint me.

The service is good and the environment is really classy. One word to describe *awesome*
and the price is reasonable,It's Rm155 per pax for the seafood buffet.
Seafood Buffet is only available on weekend.You need to make reservation earlier.
Started off with Japanese seafood as usual. 
Uncountable sashimi,scallops,tiger prawn and baby lobsters,you can just EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN

Giant scallop! As you see,it is really HUGE......... LOL!

The chef serve us delicous pasta. You can choose your own favor. *thumb up* 
And of course thank you daddy for the awesome dinner  
With my mom,recently she's addicted to Facebook. 
And you can see she's really active in Facebook. LOL

My Boy  
The desserts corner. It's so nicely decorate. 
There are so many choices of cake you can choose. 
Cheese cake is my favorite among all :D

Daddy made this for me when i'm away from my table. So sweet of him  
DADDY,You are the BEST!!!!!!

Outfits of the night 
 Dress from time square
 Necklace from tiffany&co
 Earrings from BKK
 Watch from FCUK
 Chanel Beige GST Gold Hardware
 Wedges from Offline Boutique 
I love spending time with my love
Enjoy a moment like this  

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