Countdown Dinner

27 August 2012

There's no party night for me on my birthday eve.
Decide to do something else besides party,and we went for supper buffet at Concorde Hotel.
It's just right opposite of Shangri-la Hotel at Jalan Sultan Ismail.

I'm so impress there are supper buffer available from 11pm-4am.
If you are craving for food in a late night,you definitely should go there!
Actually,it's my late dinner. So glad that i can still find food at this hours. LOL
There are live band while we are dining. They sing really well :)
Enjoy the moment  
Steamboat is always my favorite  

Dessert is a MUST! *craving for it now*
 My companion of the night, Mr.Ng. This is the third years celebrating my birthday with you
Thank you my boy and i love you. Please be good to me alright! 
I don't know what else i can say. *blush* hahahahha
Outfits of the night.
I think i really need to diet,i gained too much fats! 
It's not a good sign.hmmmm......
 Picture of the night,Love my Hello Kitty film. Hehehehe 
Once again.Happy 21st to myself! 
Will blog about my birthday dinner in Shangri-la Hotel later when i free.

See ya  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

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