Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest!!

29 September 2012

I'm totally in love with my Sony Nex F3,everything is just so perfect ! hahahahahaha :P
I think i really made a right choice of getting this,i'm excited these days. Non-stop taking pictures.
Wish i could attend more different event,different venue so i can try some different photo.

Here's a photo capture indoor using a bit reflect flash. 
 Thanks Tim for the invitations to Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest which is located at Ballroom,Time Square. For those who interested to join the next coming up party please click here :)
Btw, It is my very first time joining MHB event. 
 The party is really awesome. I love the chicken dancing part. It's so much fun! hahahaha ;D
 Nice knowing her.Chenelle. She's sweet 

 Enjoy our night with drinks,food,music and awesome people!
Am addicted to beer recently,beer marathon.... LOL! 
but there's one thing...I love beer,but i hate beer tummy *dilemma* 

Photo credits to Andy Kho :)

Had fun with you all,meeting new people is love 
See ya all soon ❤ xoxo

Next coming up event- Arthur's Day