To Arthur's!

30 September 2012

Guinness Arthur's Day is back in town! It's my first time celebrating.
Got invited to attend the celebration of Arthur's Day with Beer Factory last Friday.
The party held on The Beer Factory Giza,started from 6pm till midnight.
 Thank you my all night companion,my darling bii.
 At first,i thought it's just drink and chill. Didn't thought that it could be that happening. HAHAHA

Photo credits to Beer Factory's photographer :)

 Bumped into many familiar face, Pinkie. Glad to see you! :)
 The two stylist girl,Vanessa and her friend.

Guess who? It's Justin Lo! i'm one of his fans,i can sing all of him song..*seriously*
Look how enjoy we are when he's on the stage singing.
The party just got happier after his arrival. LOL!
Phuture for our second round after that. It has been a while i never step in that place.
There are a lot of things that i missed. Finally you are back my best party partner,heart you!
*You know that *
I really miss the moment three of us partying and chilling together. Remember that?
Where've you been darling Vienvien,we miss you so much. You know?
I think of you no matter where i go,wanted to share my happiness with you.
You will never be forgotten my darling 

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