Souled Out,Jalan Ampang

5 September 2012

There's so many birthday party to attend lately,many many twenty first party. HAHA!
Got invited to Yuki's 21st birthday last night at Souled out,Jalan Ampang.
It's a good chance to catch up with all my girls last night.Happy to see them again.
*Must organize more outing next time* 
 It's my third time visiting Souled out ampang. It's a good place to chill and dine in.
 Photo sessions with the girls before the food arrive. 
Am i really looking weird with the short fringe? 
They said i look like the 'old me' hahahahahahahaha

 My dinner  

Btw,i spent so much time to edit the original photo's color. tsk tsk
My camera's photo quality is bad. Hate the lightning and the pixel. i really need to change a new one.
Still thinking which model i should go for... *hmmmmmmm*
I really need a good camera because i uses it most of the time. It's really important for me!
 Make a wish *may all your dream comes true *
 The extraordinary wig and the super huge spec provided by souled out for photo session.
Am i looking like a frog here? LMAO!
Pity the birthday girl,she's forced to wear this. LOL!
 The birthday girl with her present   
 Our group photo,retake retake and retake for more than hundred times LOL!

Gift by souled out   
Once again, Happy 21st Birthday Yuki! 
Hope you enjoy your big day  

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