Sepang Gold Coast

6 September 2012

I'm here at Sepang Gold Coast,Golden Palm Tree resort.
It's a very very last minute plan for this trip. LOL!
Pack my stuff and here we go to Sepang for a short vacation.

It's one and a half hour driving distance. so FAR FAR AWAY for me.
Too bad i didn't found any nice food here. It's only beach and a comfortable room for me.
and Thanks God i bring laptop. If not i'll probably die here. LOL
Yes,i'm here right now! The room is quite nice and big.
The view from my room is awesome. Can feel the sea breeze!
 Can't upload my own photo from the DSLR because i forgot to bring card reader.
Will blog about everything happened here once i got the picture.

It's raining so heavily out there. It's so so so windy. Can't go out for a walk.
Am going to bed earlier tonight so i can go to swim tomorrow morning! *excited*

Good Night all *xoxo*

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