[ADV] What a qualities men should have nowadays

12 September 2012

Hey readers,i'm back to blog! Will update a short essay before my Sepang post.
It has been a long time i never blog essay! Used to blog a lot of essays in my previous blog.
And today i finally came across with this topic *what a qualities men should have*
got my inspirations to blog right after i watched a video from youtube,and i realized that it's a good topic to discuss about during gossip sessions,yay? hahahahaha

Well,i do have a different perspectives of what a qualities men should have.

Let's get back to the topic......
Looks are not everything.What i think a qualities men should have is a GOOD ATTITUDE 
A qualities men should have a positive attitude,which is very important for me.
Negative men will create pressure to themselves and people around them.
ps: Don't think too much,you will create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place
While Positive attitude will brightening up people day.I love being around with positive people like this
Besides that,a positive men will know how to carries himself well and they will always improve to be a better person.

A qualities man must be Mature enough, and he's able to handle responsibilities.
We don't want a man who only playing around without contribution.Responsibility is earned.You need to prove that you’re responsible for the things that you’ve done and the tasks that given to you.
Woman need a man that can secure their life, not a men who only gave excuses.
So,be responsible. Always finish what you've started. Be a man!
Be in charge of your life and do righteous things.For you,for your family and for your loved one.

This is important. Nobody wants to get cheated or get fooled by someone.
A honest man will tell you the truth and not just what he thinks you want to hear.
Be real,don't play mind games and you'll gain respect from others eventually.
Do not make up stories or make promises that you can't keep. Because you know what,girls are good at finding out the truth and they will bring back your mistake every-time during argument. LOL!
ps: Don't cheat,if you are unhappy with him/her,just leave.
Honesty is a great attribute for qualities man should have.

I think most men should have right amount of self-confident but not to be EGO!
It's good to have self-confident because a confident men will have distinctive set of goals to achieve that he has set for himself. Self-confident men are good to be around because they are strong and protective and they are able to take care themselves and people around them.
Even if you have low self-esteem, work over time to overcome it. Pursue your goals, explore your passions, go get an interesting life, do things that take you outside your boundaries.

Qualities men will not fight with you,they will only fight for you. understand?
 Hahahaha,Mr.Ng. i hope you got my hidden message *evil grins* 
Word for the woman....
Don't be too picky and be ready for the unexpected.If you want a man to do something,you should be equally willing to do it yourself too. 

Thanks for reading *xoxo*

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