Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa

13 September 2012

As i mentioned,me and my boyfriend went to Sepang Gold Coast for a getaway last Thursday.
Thanks Aames for the invite,but too bad we are late. Only mange to see the sunset for a while.

Let's the picture do the talking :P
 Checked in for our room and went walking around capturing beautiful scene! It's a must!
It's a very relaxing place to stay in. Beautiful room and beautiful environment. 
 My favorite part among all is the infinity pool. It's the most happening place in the resort.
Other than that.there are nothing special for me.
 It's really beautiful during evening. We didn't get to swim because the pool close at 8pm
Had our first meal in a Chinese Restaurant which is located right opposite the infinity pool.
HAI SANG LOU,Chinese Cuisine is always my favorite. 

 Part of the food we ordered. Overall the food is nice,just the portion is a lil small for me. HAHAHA
And there's too bad there are not /uch choices. Found myself nothing much to eat :/

 Seriously,there's nothing else to do beside taking photo in the room. LOL
Am testing the function of the DSLR camera. *so much fun*

Spent my night browsing the internet and learn how to upgrade and jailbreak my phone.
HAHAHAHAHAHA,what a night 
But still,it's a great day cause i got pretty pictures. YEAH! 

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