Vien,sweetest and best friend ever!

21 September 2012

Sorry that i've neglect my blog for a moment. I still can't accept what had happened.
13th of September,i loss my favorite girl,my best friend,my dearest Vien.
Seriously,i hope everything is just a nightmare. I JUST WANT HER BACK.
My heart stood still at that moment,barely breath and can't stop crying.
Why are these happening? Please tell me why....


I cried and cried these days when i think of all the memories we had.
I knew we not going to have it back,but i really miss you so much darling :( 
 We used to shared our secret.But now,you are no longer there anymore.
You know what,you are the sweetest girl i've ever met,very very friendly and sweet.
You care about your friends,you be there when i'm down. Hug me when i cried.
You smile a lot all the time. I really miss your laughter so much!
Seriously never saw you get angry before. You are just too kind to everyone.
Darling,Thank for everything. Thanks for being good to everyone.
You are the best friend ever! Everyone loves you.

I'm so glad i met you in my life. you know?
I'm really really happy to have you in my life.
 I do appreciate every single moment we spent together.
All the memories we had is the most precious one.
Just wanna let you know. No matter where are you,i hope you will found your happiness.
I will miss you and love you forever darling. I will keep you in my mind.
And those who don't know her. Please stop talking about things that you don't know
Just keep your mouth shut,Respect her and respect yourself.
What i knew,she's a very good girl. Me and her close friend can prove that.

Lastly,this is for you,darling...
Darling,We love you. Very very much. 


  1. Hi, sorry to hear the loss of your friend,if you don't mind sharing, may i know what happened to her ?

    1. sorry,i don't feel like talking about that. She's just unlucky.

    2. it's okay =) hope she will be at a better place now. Btw, did anyone tell you that u kinda look like yumi wong sk? =)

    3. Yes,hope she's happy now. :x

    4. was she's the one that got murdered with another guy?
      Feel so sorry for you :( Hope you get better!