4 October 2012

I'm so glad i have you in my life,being my listener whenever i need you.

Janice,She's my best best best friend,Best listener. I love her so much!
She will listening to all my crap even-though i'm annoying most of the time
I really appreciate that. Appreciate a friend like you. Thanks for support me all this ways.

Capture this photo today.
WHY? because we actually had a similar photo few years back. 
When we are still young...AWWWWW,i miss our high school moment so much..
Things changed,people changed, But i'm glad our friendship didn't. 
We did a lot of shopping today,From Fahrenheit > Sg.Wang > Time Square > Lot 10 > Pavilion.
This is crazy,I think we can participate marathon already. Yeah? hahahahahaha

Had MEETFRESH as our dessert after shopping. It's my all time favorite! 
It's really really nice.prefer this more than any others . *must try*
 And of course Selca sessions with her. *Don't be sad*

 A girl that i can act totally crazy with ❤
 Lastly, This is today's pick! Love the necklace and the dress i brought today! 
*can't wait to wear it out*
hehehehe * What a satisfying day* 

Thinking what to wear for Asahi Event tomorrow...Hmmm................