Thursday Night

6 October 2012

Hello everyone,i'm back to blog. Life just got busier these days. Can't get enough rest.
I've so much to updates,will do my blog post one by one. Sorry for the delay.
There are too many photo i need to resize before posting them up *headache*
Will do it once i got time alright :)

Guess what? It's Asahi event that day. That's my current favorite beer! hahahaha
We had our dinner at pavilion before heading to party. 
 Pity her,She's not willing to come but i forced her to. *evil grins*

We had Japanese Ramen as our dinner. *simple one*
 Taste good because i'm super hungry that time,hahahaha ;D
Loving the lightning in pavilion, great for selca! hahahahaha
 Outfit of the day,now i know how to use #ootd hahahaha

Next up : Club Asahi Tokyo

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