Pamper yourself,Love your skin

7 October 2012

Acne is a embarrassing and burdensome problems for everyone. I guess a lot of you didn't know that how bad is my skin,cause i always covered it with make up.My skin *total damage* since last two years,acne breakout constantly on my cheeks and upper lips.I really lost all my confident since the day my skin got worst,can't really face myself that time.I tried to consult skin specialist,it does helps a lil by eating medicine they provides.But still,when i stop,its comes back and left my face a lot a lot of scars :(

You know what,make up is clogging our pores and will cause us blackhead and pimples. I started to putting on make up when i was 15. THE WORST PART IS.... i didn't know that i have to remove make up in a proper ways. I used wet tissue to wipe it off and a normal foam cleanser to clean my face only! * BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER* Till the day i saw my friend removing her make up with Shu Uemura cleansing oil,then only i started to remove my make up in a right way! 
HAHAHAHAHA forgive me .I'm lack of knowledge.
I think that's one of reason why my face become that worst ! 

But thanks God,it's getting better now,no more pimple popping out,just scars. It takes time to heal,i know :( Now i went for facial every 10-15 days,just to control the breakouts. And i'm so happy it is improving. Not to say that i have a beautiful skin now,but at least it's improving,not that serious anymore. hehehehehehehehe :D

Here's the skin care that i adore.Cleansing is IMPORTANT,never leave your face with make up before you go to bed. Even if you are putting zero make up on your face,you still HAVE TO clean it with milk cleanser. I'm using ShuUemura cleansing oil previously. Changed to Laneige after i finish the whole bottle. But i still thinking Shu Uemura is better,will buy a new one after this.
 After the cleaning part, here comes my daily skin care products. Price is not the problem if it is efficient but It's really hard to find a suitable one. Someone recommend CELLNIQUE to me and i found it quite suitable for my skin,so i continue using it.

The sebum gel is really powerful. It helps to soften the pore so that the blackhead can come out easily after 7-10days using the products. The Whitening essence is to balance the uneven skin tone and lighten the scars. Just started to use it for a week. The left one is for hydrating,nothing special. And another one is for pimples,i didn't use it anymore cause it's all heal. Just scars i need to take care of. LOL!
I'm a big fans of ORIGINS last time,Brought all their mask. But doesn't help a lot on my problem skin.
I'm a super lazy person. That's why i brought Laneige night mask,just apply a tiny layer all over the face and go to sleep. Just to quench my skin's thirst. LOL! The first time i using it is really effective,but now i didn't see much different already. *don't know why*
I will do mask few times a week,cause i did not drink much water. My skin is really dry most of the time. And i found this Bio-cellulose mask is really really useful,but it is quite cosy. It's different from the others mask i've used,This enhance the absorption of essences effectively.
Do you know our body needs the right nutritional balance besides proper skin care. A friend of mine introduce this Health products to me,She gave it to me last few weeks. And i found it really really useful. My scars do lighten after 5-6days. So i brought another few boxes from her. LOL! Anyone who interested to get one can contact me at 

Lamor is rich with Hyaluronic-acid,collagen,Vitamin C and Silk Amino Acid. All these can helps to rehydrate our skin,restore skin elasticity,wound healing,life sagging skin and ligten dark spots.
I really experienced this,that's why i said it's useful :D
Besides that,i brought myself bird nest. My girl friend said it's good for skin so i brought it. HAHA,i really spent a lot to save my skin you know? Hopefully it will fully recover *pray hard*
Here's my naked face if you interested to see. I took a lot of courage to post this up. Without drawing my eyebrows is really pale i know. I wanted to do eyebrow embroidery so badly. Btw,obviously there are still scars on my face,i'm working hard to heal it already,give me some times. It is healing pretty fast already actually,before this is really worst. You won't want to see it. *seriously scary * you will suicide if that happened to your face,LOL! I'm very tough already,trying hard not to kill myself every time when i see my bad skin condition.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
All of us love flawless skin,so don't be lazy! If not you will regret like me.
 Work hard for it and maintain !  Cheers! :D


  1. Indeed flawless~!

  2. Just to share : try avoid air conditioned room , at least not to be that frequent.
    bcoz air cond made my skin from oily to dry :(