Daddy's Birthday

30 October 2012

Daddy,you are a wonderful man to me. You are always my BEST!
Happy Birthday Daddy....I would not be the person I am today without you.
Thank you for being with me all the time,Thank you for protecting me all this while.
Thank you for giving me all your best,I LOVE YOU DADDY.
Finally decided to had our birthday dinner at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant,Kota Damansara. 
Actually i took quite a lot of picture of the foodsssssssss we ordered,but i'm not really satisfy with the outcome. not gonna post it here. LOL *forgive me*and stay tuned for my another food review k? 
 Our family portrait. *we are all in red* hehehehe excuse me Mr.Ng..please get out of the picture.LOL

Well, I made him a card every years,and he smile really happily every time he receives card.
He saved all the card i've ever given him,that's why i made him every years :)
 This is what i did for his Birthday last year :) Hope he'll like it 
Alright, gonna end my post with a picture of mine.

My coordinates of the day :)
Top and bottom from Time Square
Necklace from Dazzling Couture
Samsung Smart Camera NX1000
Till then :)

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