Shopping is a girl's best friend

30 October 2012

"I have nothing to wear. I have to buy new clothes."  This is what i always says.
Frankly,i'm a shopaholic,like my mom. I love shopping. I can walk miles away and i won't feel tired.My bf always complaint that,and i said 'It's a passion you can't understand'.LOL! Most men do not understand how something that involves walking around, trying fifteen things, and lugging around huge bags can be relaxing, but then it is a girl thing. I do not expect you guys to understand but i will try to explain. HAHAHAHAHA

Why do girls love shopping so much?
1.We love to be Pretty, We have an intrinsic desire to look beautiful and dress up. 
2. It makes us Happy,Shopping is always the best therapy to makes me happy.
3.We have the Money, "Self-indulgence is blissful!" *agree?*

Well,i'm here to share my happiness now. *smile* This is some of my new bought accessories...
Some is from Forever 21,and Part of it is from Dazzling Couture,with very very reasonable price! 
 Today's pick! *always want a denim,and i finally got it* 
 Favorite pick of the day! H&M Leather Jacket,Imitation leather biker jacket with snap fasteners at collar, one chest pocket, two front pockets with zip, one mock flap pocket at front, and zips at cuffs. 
*i know i won't have much chance to wear this,BUT I DON'T CARE!* hahahahaha
 Chiffon White to Red Top from F-Block,Black Messenger Bag.
Alright,that's all for this post. Hope you enjoy reading my blog  xoxo

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