Halloween - The Beginning Finale Party

6 November 2012

Okay,finally i had time to blog! Hmmm,will blog about my Halloween party first....

I really thought that i am going to skipped the Halloween party this year,But luckily i didn't. Decided to join Jagermeister Halloween The Beginning Party by Jagermeister and Carlsberg this year! It's a rush i would says,i got my costume at the very very last minute and rushing to the event and done my make up there. It's really fun seeing everyone dressed up differently at Halloween.

Got my costume from Costume 'n' Parties. I'm a arabian dancer that night. 
The rental is pretty expensive,but it's only once a year,so it's okayyyyyyy. *forget about the price*
I wanna dress up with uniform next year *evil grins*
Jagermeister held their Halloween party at Carcosa Seri Negara. It was an outdoor party.
The whole place is well-decorate with the Halloween's theme,love it !The event is quite successful. 
There are free flow of Jagermeister shots, Carlsberg and FOOOOOOD all night long *awesome isn't*
Posing with someone's else gun *so not match* i knew......
Alright,let the picture do the talking.
This is the one of the costume i like the most. The two faced. It's really creepy....
Me,Chenelle,Casey & Rachel
 With the Hot ladies.
Group photo with the people. photo credits to Andy Kho.

 With the girls. There are so many sexy cops that night.
Here's my Halloween make up done by the make up artist. Seriously love it so much. 
Scars painted on my right face in progress......
*i think i look prettier like this* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D
I had fun this time,I am already looking forward to next year's Halloween! :D
Once again, Happy Halloween everyone ❤ Hope you all had fun!

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