Paradise Dynasty

18 November 2012

Are you hungry now? I'm here to tempt ya all! Let's make you droll.... hehehehe :D

Paradise Dynasty is one of my favorite restaurant cause i'm a fans of XiaoLongBao! Paradise Dynasty is a Chinese Cuisine restaurant, It is a nice restaurant with awesome food and nice environment. It wasn't my first visit,i went there quite often. The price of the food is average,not too expensive. It's reasonable because the food is really nice. Worth to try  I'm luckily cause i got invited for their food review*best thing in life is to eat*. hehehehehe :D
The way to eat Xiao Long Bao
1. Lightly lift the Xiao Long Bao from the basket to your spoon,
 placing extra care not to break the skin of the Xiao Long Bao.

2. Chew off a portion of the Xiao Long Bao skin from the side to allow cooling of the soup broth and pork filling. (Note that the Xiao Long Bao is very hot; do not eat the entire Xiao Long Bao immediately to avoid scalding.)

3. Sip the soup broth from the opening you chewed off earlier.

4. Complement with ginger slices and vinegar, you may now eat
the Xiao Long Bao.

I love this colorful Xiao Long Bao so much,8 different colors and taste,each Xiao Long Bao got different taste. Original, foie gras, black truffle, crab roe, cheese, ginger, garlic and spicy Szechuan (RM24+). Fois Gras,Black Truffle and Garlic is my favorite! Enjoy the bite with richness! *yummy*
(photo from google)
 Chilled Assorted Eggs Loaf in Yang Zhou Style. One of the highlights in the egg varietals in the Chinese cuisine where the cold delights is served with 3 different of eggs which includes normal egg, salted egg and century eggs. Quite salty for me.
Drunken Chicken.( RM16) This cold dishes contains alcohol.
It is served with white wine if i'm not mistaken. Overall, It did not disappoints. *nice try*
 Marinated Jelly Fish with Vinaigrette,Another cold dishes. 
The jelly fish is very crunchy and chewy,nice nice NICE! Very fresh and refreshing
 *as you know,i'm a jelly fish lover*  (Photo from Shinyee's Blog)
Chilled Japanese Cucumber in Garlic Vinaigrette. (RM8.80) 
It was a cold dishes too. Never thought that cucumber can be that tasty! 
It's rich with garlic. Look quite uninspiring but taste really good! :D
Shang Hai Fried Rice (RM16)
 Deep-fried Diced Chicken in Szechuan Style. (RM20)
It's crispy and spicy dishes,remember to drink more water after you ate this :)
 Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Dried with vinegar( RM20)  ,scrambled egg white which is served with a raw egg yolk, dried scallop and a vinegarTaste like shark fin soup. 
 Pan Fried Pork Dumpling
Pork Dumpling with Hot Chili Sauce.(Rm11.80) Another spicy food that i adore. Very Juicy.
The spicy is more likely SzeChuan style,must try if you like spicy food!
 La Mian in Hot and Sour Soup. It's a bit sour for me,and sticky.
But their hand-pulled La Mian is nice. I prefer the Pork Bone Soup La Mian,it's superb!!
 Pork Bone Soup,love this milky base pork bone soup so much! I'm a fans of SOUP!

Chilled Jellyfish and Seafood in Vinaigrette.
This is one of my favorite dishes,definitely will order one plate of this every time dining in Paradise Dynasty. It's spicy and rich with vinegar,the Jelly fish became much more tastier 
Radish Pastry. The radish pastry is very crunchy. (RM7.80)
SoufflĂ© Egg White Balls stuffed with Red Bean and Banana. 
This is soft and fluffy. Rich with red bean and Banana. You will like it if you are a fans of Banana.
 Pan-Fried Pumpkin pastry. One of my favorite desserts. It's sweet and not too sticky.
Ended our dinner with Chilled Mango Pudding.
Okay,i'm feeling hungry already,It's time to go out for dinner! heheheh :D
BTW,Thank you Paradise Dynasty for the wonderful meal,appreciate it much 

Lot 1F-15, Level 1, Paradigm Mall,
No 1, Jalan Ss7/26A, 47301 Kelana Jaya.
Telephone: 03 – 7887 5022

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