Hennessy Artistry @ MIECC

16 November 2012

Sorry for not delaying my Hennessy Artistry blog post. I'm busy with something else lately.

Well,i had a great weekend with Hennessy last last Saturday,which is 3 of November. It's my first time attending Hennessy Artistry.It is located at MIECC this time! I'm pretty excited before the party,thinking what should i wear...this and that. And at the actual day,i bought my camera but i forgot my memory card *bangwall* Luckily i had Chenelle,HAAA! If not i won't be able to capture the moment down during the party. I AM SO CARELESS :(

We reached early and went off to taking picture around. The event is really grand.
I'm a fans of Hennessy,i can smell Hennessy before i enter *no joke* LOL!
Photo session with the celebrity board,hehehe :D 
with MHB bloggers.Diana,Chenelle
Here's the Hennessy 360 cam booth. Capture every angle of you.
Yes,we tried this. It was really a long queue but worth it. HAHAHA
There are Hennessy Berry,Hennessy Apple,Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda.
 It's my first time trying all these mixing favors. I like Hennessy Ginger! How about you? :D
The party is awesome,I love DJ Havana Brown. It's really happening when she came on stage.
All the party-goers dancing and screaming. Hahaha,it's really FUN! That's the way for party!
Artist from KPOP! They are so HOOOOOOOOT!
Block B from KPOP as well. 
Look at the crowd! 
 Bumped into many familiar face. Let the picture do talking 
With Kelly and Chenelle 
 Group photo is a MUST! hehehehe :D

My party partner,Wei Wei & my bf
With the photographer Andy
 Alright,gonna end my post with one last picture with babe Chenelle.
See you all soon in next Hennessy Artistry!  :)

For more upcoming Hennessy Artistry event,like their page in Facebook - Hennessy Malaysia

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