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28 November 2012

Will do a short updates about some of the event i've attend lately.

10.11.12 - Carlsberg Where's the Party. So actually, Where's the party? LOL,The final destination was   at Batu Feringgi,Penang. It's a real long journey to Penang, and now i had phobia with public transport already. It took us up to 8 hours to reach, i don't know why :/

It was a 2 day 1 night party. We were all sponsored by Carlsberg to stay in Bay View Hotel,which located next to Hard Rock Hotel. It's just walking distance to the party venue. Food, Drinks, Game, Party, everything's there 

I'm really lucky cause i met Edmund Leong in person.
The HK artist. He's still that attractive. HAHAHAHA :D
Press Conference before the party started,at Hard Rock Hotel Ballroom. 
Thanks bf for the accompany,He's my plus one for the event! (Picture from Povy)
The event was epic. Everyone traveled miles away to attend the party. That's really cool !
met Nana,Jane,ShinYee,Povy,Anerly & Your truly (Picture from ShinYee)
When the party started .......
A random Carlsberg's girl,Anerly,Povy,Nana,Jane,Your truly 
With the hot girls from MHB,Jane & Chammaine. They are both so tall :/
Wilee,Jane,Yvonne,Stephanie,Sarah & Your truly.
 Group photo with Tim when some of the girls went missing.. LOL!
Overall, i had so much fun with MHB and Carlsberg! Enjoy partying beside the beach!
It's awesome,Thank You Carlsberg for such a GREAT event. 
*i love partyyyyyyyyyy ❤*

Looking forward to the next Carlsberg Where's the Party 2013.......... :D


15.11.12.Passion for Fashion 2012 at rootz.
Nothing much to blog about cause i just went there for a while.
Well, let the picture do talking :)

My ootn. Love my new bought chiffon top 
 I actually did hair chalk color on my hair, but it's not that obvious because it's the same color with my top. LOL, will try to do again next time.
 Thanks Elton for the photo

 Povy,Nana,Chenelle & Your truly.
That's all for the night ❤ xoxo


17.11.12. MHB anniversary & Tim's Birthday celebration at Vertigo, KL.

Many many bottles of Gold Label & Surprise customize cake from us 

Wilee,Jane,Your truly,Chenelle 

It was another great night with all of them. It has been a while i never drink that much*LOL*
Luckily i still manage to drive home after that, enjoy drinking and partying all night.

Once again, Happy Anniversary MHB & Happy Birthday TIM 

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