Samsung NX1000 review #2

26 November 2012

Is it a good camera? How does it perform? Read my review and you'll know more about it :)

The Samsung NX1000 sports a 3 inch TFT-LCD which is visible, even in bright daylight conditions.
There are Sports mode,Sunset,Dawn,Back light,Beach/snow,3D image,Beauty,Text,Panorama assist,Night mode,Close-up,Fireworks,Children,Portrait mode,Landscape in the SMART MODE.
Smart mode very easy to use and it will access to any color,lightning and mode accordingly.
& that "Fn" button is the quickest and most useful way to change basic settings, like ISO, exposure, metering, white balance, focus mode, etc.  This function menu is also my favorite quick menu of any digital camera that I have operated.  It is fast, visible, easy to navigate and easy to understand.
 There is a (i)Fn button on the lenses, which is customizable for different settings like ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, etc.
The (i)function shooting mode can be really useful.

Trying out some new features from the (i) MODE,while having some desserts today at Bangsar!
#Miniature close up
 #Vignetting,love this tone!
Do have a look with the colors too....

#Halftone Dots
Started to fall in love with my Samsung NX1000,so so much features to play with! *love*

Will try to take video using NX1000 on my next review,stay tuned :)

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  1. Hi,
    Because it's white, does it get dirty easily? And does the white colour become yellowy over time?