25 January 2013

It's a busy hectic week for me! I'm pretty excited for my 2013, so many mission in my to-do-list need to be done! I am going to achieve what i want this year, no more delay! *remind myself that i need to be POSITIVE and AGGRESSIVE all the time* hahahahahaha! Because.....I'm not a young girl anymore, i am fucking twenty two years old already, NEED TO EARN MORE MONEY to secure my life or else i will be an old, ugly& lonely lady years later. *scary*..... Everyone should have that sense of urgency, seriously! hahhahahahahahahaahaha. Let's work hard together for our future! 

Btw, I'm here to share a bit about my OOTD, are you a fans of Baby-G?
#2 Dress from http://www.su-estilo.com
#3 Dancing Diamond Necklace from SK Jewellery 
Here's my Baby G watch (BG-169G-4), Tough series.

 Another two different color for this model is available! 
For more info,visit their page at -https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceMalaysia

Eight (8) other Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers members also have Baby G timepieces and you can read their take on the watches at https://www.facebook.com/myhotbloggers

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