Shopping is a girl's best friend #2

21 January 2013

Some people shop only when they need to. Some people shop when they have loads to spend. But for girls like me its fun to shop. Personally, its fun because I'm a shopaholic, level 75%! I love trying on clothes, I love buying new things, and I love getting greats deals! I really can't wait for February to arrives, my Bangkok Trip is coming real soon! Can't wait for my crazy shopping trip at Bangkok any longer!! OMGGGG, i'm so excited!! wooohooooooooooo!! :D
Btw,Here is my new collection of Heels! I'm not a fans of heels, but i'm still buying it cause it's cheap, hahahahaha! Always wanted to get a super high black heels, and here it is. 14cm black heels! Wooots!
 A little black dress or any casual wear can look stunning with a right pair of black heels. Easy to mix and match, don't you think so? :p
Rock out in style and stud out from the crowd in these statement black platform shoe boots with an eye-catching silver spike stud design. The studded shoe love was started for me by Jeffrey Campbell. I've always admired people who are brave enough to rock a studded biker or a spiked denim waistcoat. But, It's just totally not my look! I wonder why am i getting this.........I don't care, I'm just too in love with this studded boots.. LOL! *evil grins*
* Obsessed* , finding a chance to wear it out.
& i've received a parcel once i got home yesterday night. It's from GlamTags !! Awww, so sweeeet of them, wrapping my necklace nicely in a box with ribbon on it. Feel so loved 

 Visit Glamtags for more, Blogpost - for more.
 Found out there's another note written inside the box, Awwww. so sweet! heheheh :D
It's actually a customize necklace. Haven't get to wear it yet.
Will blog about the details again when i wear it out for my OOTD. Stay tuned 

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