My Cheat Day

24 March 2013

It's SUNDAY! Sunday used to be my family day, normally i will just stay home and spending some quality time with my family..except today, because they are out of town.. So i went out with my boy, to indulge myself with some high calories food. HAHAHA !! Yay baby, It's my cheat day... actually a cheat day during a diet is not a bad thing. A healthy lifestyle can still be fun. It's okay to rewarding myself and allow my body to rest from the plan i've been sticking to ALL WEEK...Hmmm.. *am i right* ... I control my calories intake everyday, i can  only take less than 1300 calories per day... because i need to cut off fats! But today is my cheat day.... so i can have something "sinful"... *but it's still healthy food OKAY, not rubbish food* hehehe :D

Well, I had 500ml fruit juice as my breakfast and lunch at Ben's, Publika today. Publika is one of the best place to hang out, a lot of nice place chill and a lot of choices if you are a FOOD hunter...I chose to dressed up a lil casual today, with my super light make-up.. Am so lazy to draw my eyeliner lately..
In facts, i'm always lazy to make-up.. wish i could have a perfect face so that i can go out without preparing this and that..... LOL! 
The Menu. I think the menu is a bit formal... Grrrr,why you got no picture.....!!
& The weather is pretty nice today, it's great to sit outdoor getting some sunlight. 
*Always remind myself to DRINK MORE WATER*
A picture with my boyfriend while waiting for our food....
This is what i used to order whenever i go Ben's....EVERYTIME...You know what, Aglio Olio is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! Although it's a bit tasteless but i still like it..because of olive oil & garlic..Awww, those are my favorite.. I wanna learn how to cook Aglio Olio Spaghetti next time...ngek ngek :P
 Ya i know.. I'm a pretty annoying girlfriend who like to cam-whore... LOL!
....need to do some different face too.. because i'm bored with smiling and smiling photos... LOL!
Although i look a bit ugly in here, nose so round... arghhhhhhh... 
AND for DINNER, i had Zaru Soba in Sushi Zanmai... Soba is made by's around 350 kcal if not mistaken. So i still had under 1300 calories intake today... not bad not bad...hahahaha!
My outfits of the day....
I'm happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because i got slimmer but i feel a lil sad because my boobs getting smaller already... WHAT A DILEMMA... hahahahaha. 
算了吧, i want my killer abs, let's ignore the boobs and go for my goal !!!! work harder !!
White color loose top - H&M
Printed legging - H&M
Necklace - Tiffany & Co
Bag & Heels - Taobao
Accessories  - Bangkok
Watch - Baby-G 
Phone casing - i.Licious phone boutique

That's all for today.. Good Night everyone :)


  1. 你好美哦~^.^

  2. hi karen...may i know how u control ur calories intake less than 1300 calories per day? pls advice..thx thx!!

    1. Hi. Normally i will control what i eat, eat something low calories.
      I will publish in my next blog post, stay tuned ;)

  3. Above^ you eat less. Replace carbs with veggies/fruit. It's simple, just takes mental control to tell yourself not to eat too much.

    1. Yes, replace with some high fiber & healthy food will do :)

  4. You are so slim! teach me how to slim down...

    1. Hmmm, i will blog more about it. Stay tuned in my blog alright :)

  5. 比较喜欢你的淡妆,下次可以化多点淡妆^^

  6. Soba noodles are buckwheat ( or mix of buckwheat and wheat )and is most healtier of the grain foods. White flour noodles are those what give us emptie calories. Better to eat wholewheat or buckwheat mixed nodles. Getting all essential amino acids from that also is big plus.

    Tho i suppose you do not eat wholewheat flour dished over there.
    Also low carb is crucial. White flour food are hi carb ones and thus being digested faster than wholewheat foods. What in turn makes us carve food more and often than we need.