Do you need a reason to lose weight?

22 May 2013

Sorry for not updating my blog, i'm kinda busy these few days. Just visited my Skin Doctor today and had my acne injection for the third times, LOLLL! *pitymyface* Hopefully my skin can recover ASAP! Well, i will be publishing some CLEAN EAT recipes in my blog soon, need some time to prepare for the blog post, stay tuned! I hope you all started you workout at home, and started your healthy diet anyhow. Tell me how's everything? Would like to know more about it :)
OKAYYYYYY... for those who have not started to exercise your body....
Do you still need a reason to start losing weight? Don't be skinny, BE HEALTHY!
NAHHHHHH, there you go... pick one and make it your motivations! hehehehe :D

Tell me what's your reason now .... 


  1. Most of the girls always thought themselves at fat. Haiz...

  2. Looking forward for your clean diet recipes ! I'm trying to clean eat most of the time :) gonna keep going losing weight :)

    1. Alright dear, i will try to publish it ASAP! hehehe :D
      Yay! Don't give up and you'll see the results! GAMBATEH

  3. My reason is to be fit! I really wanna be healthy and fit all the time, and now I'm in my second week. Working out has been fun! ^^
    And I can't wait for your recipes cause I'm quite jelak with mine already haha =D

    1. Great babe! Must have the determination before doing anything one! hehehe :D
      It's good, keep it up and you'll get what you want!

      Alright, will try to blog about that ASAP k!