Healthy Snack

24 May 2013

Dear all, i'm here to update a lil about some healthy snack! I know you all are waiting for my recipes. but i really don't have time for it. I'm kinda busy lately. Forgive me please, hahaha! I will blog about all the healthy food soon alright, stay tuned. Before that, let me introduce you all a snack which is good for muscle recovery. Whenever your body feels sore after a workout, it means your body needs PROTEIN! And... That's time to eat something rich in protein to recover your muscles. Here's one of the examples i've found lately. 

Btw, It's Snack, not MEAL replacement alright. Remember not to skip any meal my dear! 

#1 Muscle Recovery Snack 

Cottage Cheese is one of the top 5 foods for muscle recovery.
8oz of non-fat cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein.
You can find it in Cold Storage Supermarket :)

It is naturally a rich source of the muscle building amino acid Leucine, more than eggs or yogurt.
It is recommended to consume 15-25 grams within the first few hours of a work out.

Here is my simple post work out snack:
half cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup strawberries, 1/3 sliced banana and a dash of cinnamon
Just mixed it all together and enjoy your healthy snack :D

That's all for today sharing. It's a short post *i know* 
Will blog about another healthy food post soon alright, Byeeeeeeeee!!


  1. maybe Nutrilite also is one of the most useful Protein Provider..If some of people no time to prepare the snacks or foood :)

  2. Oh really? Will check it out. Thanks :)

    1. ya, The rptein not only provide protein, also can repair our cell as well as skin. Drink consistency will see the effect.

  3. cottage cheese? never try this combination before. will it taste slightly salty?

    1. Ya, taste a bit salty.. A lot of people don't like that taste btw.. LOL

  4. where boobies??

  5. ohh....cottage cheese for muscle recovery. Sure is better tasting than those protein shake. Nice one. Thanks for sharing.