My Grocery List

28 May 2013

Hey guys, finally I manage to squeeze out some time to do this blog post.
 FML, really hope that I have 30hours a day to use. So many stuff to do lately. *busybusybusy*
Been busy working out as usual and just started my online retail shop recently. 
Remember to support!! HAHAHAHA !! :D

BUT, Something I wouldn't miss in my weekly routine is GROCERY SHOPPING!!!
I'm still a shopaholic like old times, but not shopping for new clothes, not shopping for new cosmetics, not shopping for heels, not shopping for branded! I shop for GOOD & HEALTHY food now. LOLLLLLL!! It's funny i know :P

No matter how busy my life is, I won't give myself some sort of "reasons" so can I just simply grab a meal somewhere outside or fast food which all of us know that :
It is FAT & UNHEALTHY !!! 
= Lot's of Oil + Salt + Sugar + Fat = Basically Body Spoiler (a.k.a Rubbish food) lol
& i have to say that...I'm so lucky to have a bf around me to prepare me food everyday. Thanks to my personal Chef, who always try to control my meal. hehehehe!!!

Yes i know eating healthy is boring.....The point is, You don't need to always eat perfectly.
You just need to stop eating rubbish food everyday, eat healthy a majority of the time, and learn MODERATION. Note to self: When I eat like crap, I feel like crap.

Well, let's get back to the topic : GROCERY shopping list
So what am I putting into my shopping trolly when I'm there?

#1 Fruits 
What i eat daily? BANANA! Bananas is a MUST for me.
It is high potassium, High sugar, increase your brain power, boost up my energy and helps me to maintain my light and heavy cardio during my workout. Adding a banana to your daily diet has an array of benefits in your body too. It's good for weight loss.


My all time FAVORITE snacks: Strawberries!!
You can add this in your OAT/CEREAL/SALAD etc. But normally i eat raw strawberries.
Try to add more strawberries to your diet plan. It's rich in Vitamin C, promote eye health, improve skin elasticity. Pick the Driscoll's brand because the strawberries is HUGE, seriously HUGE! hehehe :P
Sometimes I get bored of bananas, so I suggest this: KIWI
Well.....If bananas is good, KIWI is way greater! Why?
Kiwi has 10x higher fiber and nutritions than banana. 
And it's refreshing and good for skin. Remember to eat more KIWI alright :D
Lemons, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, and etc. I do take it once a week. 
As long I rotate them, I'll never get bored of Fruits although I am a ''FRUITS HATER''...

#2 Veggie
Some people might not love this : Pepper Chillies
But I personally love this because it's colorful. hehehehe.
It's quick and easy go for a salads for people are busy like ME :)
Wash , Chop , EAT. Done!
Taste good when you mix with bunch of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with the seasoning 
of a pinch of pepper, sea-salt and little bit of olive oil and some lemons.
My salads and sandwiches main ingredient.
Broccoli is the best !!
Consider as the best veggie to boost up metabolic rate, high fiber, proteins and vitamins.
How to cook this?...Well.. I just steam it for 7-10 mins until its soften.
Some people boiled it. Some even eats it RAW!! But i still prefer steaming it. 
Cabbages, Spinach, Pak-Choy, Kang-Kung, Kai-Lan, and etc. I rotate it as well.

#3 Main Protein Source Food
For me, SALMONS , the number 1 food in my list! I love Salmon Sashimi !!
Most of the time I eat it at Sushi Zanmai or Sushi King.
But.....Recently i started to cook it at home. *to lazy to go out*
Because salmons have some natural fish fats, it doesn't need anything seasoning to prepare it as long as it's fresh enough. Normally, i pan-fried it. Don't over cook it, when you cook it right, it's more juicy.
Tips: Don't flip it too much so it stay moisture inside.
Nothing much to talk about eggs. Everyone knows what is it right?  Lol.
Simply suggestion. Don't over take egg yoke. The egg whites is fine.
But if you doing a lot of cardio like 3-4times a week. Couple of egg yolk will be fine :)
try to change it to Beef , Lamb, Poultry. etc if you get bored with your food. Those food are rich in protein too :)

#4 Breakfast & Snacks

I had Oatmeal as my breakfast EVERYDAY! yes, EVERYDAY... never missed it..hahaha
This is the brand of oat I take. It's another GOOD FOOD you should take as your breakfast. 
Why? because it is........Higher fiber, low carbs, not process, no sugar and its organic.
Don't buy 3 in 1 quick powder (instant) oat. It contains sugars and don't really have high fiber in it.
Process Food usually not really helping to cut fat yet growing it. This might be a bit tasteless, but you can add some low fat milk in it, tastes better like that. 
Whole-grains Bread
Same goes to oat. I love the fiber in it. 1-2slices a day will do.
Don't over take it. Some how it still contains fat and it's carbs. 

Greek Yogurt!
No more potato chip and rubbish snacks, this is what i replace my unhealthy snacks.
It's low in calories and Greek yogurt has more nutritious than regular yogurt. Greek Yogurt contains more protein than the regular yogurt. It's a ideal healthy snacks :)

Always keep your choices going on and on like how i did it. 
It keeps you going till at some point you will love and addicted to make your own dished.

Here's my D.I.Y pasta + red pepper chillies + quick dry-fried Pak-Chop :)
(I cooked it, so I must say, It's DELICIOUS!!) HAHAHA

Getting in shape is a long road, but each and everyday you will feel better, and be one step closer to achieving your goal. Don't give up alright, fight for your goal....Make yourself PROUD!
This quote never stops in my mind after I seen it from the first time!
Eat Clean ; Train Mean ; Build Lean
And this is how I eat. I prepared. Are you ready for yours?
Do shares your grocery experience if you have better ideas :)

Hope you all enjoy reading my blog * bye*


  1. What did you use to season your pasta with red chilli pepper?

    1. Hi dear, i use garlic, chillies and parley only.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your info, changed it already.. hehehe

  3. I love Strawberries and Salmon Sashimi too!! Wow, you're really very attentive and thorough in your meals as well. Jiayou Karen! :)

    Celyx Lim

  4. Which brand of low fat milk you bought? How to add low-fat milk with oatmeal? because normally low fat milk is cool/ stored in fridge. AND normally I eat oatmeal which is 3 in 1 quick powder oat with hot water **now I only know that is not good =.=** So I really confused with this, please answer me Karen <3 Thanks :DD