Love Diary

29 May 2013

Time flies, it's our third year already. It's freaking 3 yearsssssss... HAHAHA!!We had been through A LOT, can't believe that it is the third year already. He is now a part of my life. All the memories we had are priceless. Happy 3rd Anniversary baby, many things had happened and many things have changed, but one thing is still the same, its still you and me. I know sometimes misunderstandings and miscommunications comes between us, but we both know in our hearts that little things will never separate us apart right? He made me a better and a stronger person, I see things differently now, I have goals that I want to achieve. He changed my life. I used to have a foolish heart, but now I am wiser *LOL* Being with him is comfort, security, contentment and happiness. I can be myself(the crazy side  of me) in front of him. I don't know if I can still go onto life without him....

It has been a while we never go out for a DATE..*like a seriously date*
*A seriously date = dress up nicely and go out* HAHAHAHA
& Finally.... manage to had a romantic night out with my loves one on our Anniversary.
 I'm expecting him to buy me flowers but he didn't.. haiyoooooo *so disappointed loooo*
Note to MR.NG : buy me flowers and surprise me a bit la please! *evilgrins*
I know, celebration is kinda annoying sometimes... need to plan for it... thinking where to have our dinner.... looking for nice environment and reasonable price... this and that always driving me nuts! LOL!! Was supposed to go illido but it's closed at we went to Renoma Cafe Gallery. So happy that i made a right choice!! The restaurant is so nice! Renoma cafe is easy to spot along the main road when passing by on the way to jalan imbi. It is a high-end restaurant, French style. There are many choices in their menu which are the steak, pasta, burger, dessert, appetizer and many more. 
I love the interior so much, especially the books rack, remind me of Beauty and the Beast. LOL!
Wish i can get one of these in my house, but too bad my house is too small to fit this.. *lmao*
Wine promotion in the house. 
Another photo of the interior of the restaurant. I think it looks nicer during the afternoon. 
''Renoma Café Gallery at 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur. The opening hours from Monday till Saturday are from 11am – 1am, whereby Sundays and public holidays are from 9am till 11pm. For more info, please call RCG hotline: +603-2143 9919 or visit RCG’s website: www.renoma-café''
The MENU, not bad..quite a lot of choices of food and the price is reasonable! 
His Main Course : Angus Sirloin Steak with Mushroom dressing (RM48)
The steak is quite tender and juicy, and of course the decoration is nice :)
The Art of Food LOL
Side dishes : Escargot (RM30)
Sorry, i forgot what's the exact name for this dishes. It's escargot if not mistaken.
I'm a very failed blogger i realized, can't even remember the food name. HAHAHA *sorry*
Yea i know, doesn't look like escargot at all.. It's inside the cheese baked pancake.
 My meal : Salade Nicoise & Scottish Salmon  (RM32) 
The sweet temptation : Vanilla Panna Cotta (RM20)
Not sure what is it, just randomly pick one of the dessert for photo purpose LMAO!
A cup of white wine for the night...Overall, the food is nice and tasty *out of my expectation* LOL!
The bills for the night is RM198.15 after discount....Citibank credit card get 20% discount! woots :D
Definitely will pay another visit with my babes next time for lunch !! 

Photo time after feeding the hungry tummy...Yours Truly ♥
For more photo, click on my Facebook album ...
My big big head :P
Well, drinking white wine is fine... BUT NO BEER alright!!
 HIM ♥ looking young, like my 小白脸 :P
 US ♥ 
i love this guy because..
♥He's the one who changed me in certain ways.
♥ He gave me a lots of memories,good & of course the bad one! LOL !
♥ He'll help me to draw my eyeliner,he'd it better than i do.
♥ He'll help me to choose what clothes to wear everyday
♥ He'll help me to clean up my room and wash my clothes
♥ He'll drive me anywhere i wanted to go
♥ He'll accompany me no matter how busy he is, he will make time for me.
♥ He'll cook whatever i want to eat for me whenever i'm hungry.
♥He motivates me whenever i'm down and lead me to the right path. 
♥ He take good care of me like i'm a OKU, most of the time.. LOL
♥ He'll hand me a shoulder when i cries
♥ He'll make fun of himself just to see me smile 
♥ He'll write me sweet note and put it beside my bed
♥ He's like my brother, my best friend, my companion 

♥ He's the one who make me love and hate at the same time.
你这个男人曾记让我伤心到想死掉,也曾让我开心到飞上天。跟你在一起就像坐过山车,有高峰,也有低谷。无论是好的或坏的回忆....我都想说..跟你在一起这三年发生的不愉快事情很多,但一起经历的事情更多。你对我的好,我看得到,我知道你在改变。我希望我给你的机会不是白费的。你知道吗,无论你有钱或没钱我都会陪在你身边。相爱的人不会因为一句分手而结束,更不会因为一个错误而真的做到一次不忠百次不容。 相爱的人会在感情的曲折里一起成长。只要经过一个曲折熬了过去爱就又增长了点, 又一个曲折熬了过去大家学会珍惜对方一点。

谢谢你这些年来的照顾,什么事情都帮我做,帮我安排好,把我宠得什么都不会 *哈*

Thanks baby, despite the bad memories.. i do remember what you did right. I appreciate that. 
Thanks for pampering me and taking care of me like a kid.
 I'm blessed with your love. iloveyou :)

till then :P


  1. I like this kinda post XD very honest and sincere. More of this pls. Like wuts in ur mind or someting AHAHA

    1. How you know i'm being honest? LOL!!!
      Alright, will do ..

  2. Dear Mr Ng, please buy karen some post anniversary flowers and surprise her a bit. Haha.

  3. that's very sweeeet and well written..totally feel the love between u two...i just recently followed u in instagram...i was like who is this sexy young lady with that abs?! haha...i always admire those who work hard to look the best in themselves and most importantly, having a healthy lifestyle! will continue to follow u! keep on with whatever u are doing now cz u r so good at it ^.~