Why am i still FAT ?

30 July 2013

Hi everyone, I'm back for some fitness tips and sharing :)
I knew that I've been neglected on blogging about fitness, sorry about that.

If you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you may notice that I'm actually working out in Celeb'Fitness recently (for 1month trial) When I finished workout and reached home by the day, i don't have time for me to blog. Seriously don't like delay, wanna get everything done so badly!!! There are so many words running in my mind and I just can't wait to blog about it. hahahahaha! (^-^)

I skipped fitness posts and I blog about my face conditions last week, it's not that I have nothing to share, but I think I've been "sharing TOO much" until some of you didn't really check or read it on my previous blogs which I had noted down "MANY" effective "TIPS"!! Perhaps people like to see my "negativity" more than my "Positive" side LOL... I don't know (¬_¬)
The reason I'm saying this, because I received quite a lot of emails asking something which I blogged about before. The "ANSWER" it's actually there my dear.. Honestly, Sincerely, I hope you can appreciate what I've written before especially about FITNESS!! Because, I've used almost all my time to get into it, study it, learn it, practice it and gain my own experiences to share to all of you so that you can have more Easy and Efficiency to see the RESULTS. The main point is.... IT'S FREE.... or maybe my notes wasn't attractive or useful for you?? hmmmm....please let me know about it?
Well, I leave this question for you guys to answer now hahaha :))

Nowadays I received almost 10 emails everyday. Most of it are asking about fitness.(diet/workout)
The NUMBER 1 most common PROBLEM that they are facing >>>>>>> FAT!!!!!!!

I have to apologize once again to some of you that I didn't manage to reply your emails.
And here, I'm gonna SOLVE your main concern.. FAT!!!!!!

Here's some common questions:

1. I am NOT eating a lot, some time even just 1 or 2 meals per day, why am I still FAT??!!
2. I've been CONTROLLING my diet, I eat only VEGE and FRUITS, why am I still FAT??!!
3. (similar to controlling diet) I see results in first 2weeks, after that I GAIN back my FATS...WHY??!!
4. I did WORKOUT/GYM, why am I still FAT?!! or why am I gaining "WEIGHT"??!!

You know what, all you need is get back to basic! Know the Basic!
If you didn't get to read it in my previous blog posts, I'll summarize it for YOU................

Here, Read this :
There are few simple methods you all have to get it right.

I'll make it very simple to understand here :

For balance diet, PLEASE do UNDERSTAND the nutritions.
Carbs/Calories is NOT our main enemy in losing fats, good CARBS help us in burning FATS!
Our main enemy >>>>> SUGAR and FATTENING food/drinks
*Control you SUGAR intake, avoid eating BAD oily food, these kinda diet plan will help you!!!

Metabolic rate, if I'm not mistaken in Chinese is 新陈代谢.
Here's how it works. Good/Young/High metabolic rate = Burn fats/calories FAST!!

Workout? There are a lot of workout type!!! Don't stop or stick with just one workout plan.
Heavy cardio + Low intensity body workout, Light cardio + High intensity body workout, both ways rotate and practice it well, losing Fats no longer an issue for you!!

Come to the most IMPORTANT part. Your daily routine, your LIFESTYLE made who you are!!
Lack of SLEEP, Not enough REST, Eating not in PROPER timing = cause you LOW Metabolic Rate!! After LUNCH ...sitting there(office lady/student) or after DINNER you LYING like a dead PIG, which mean you are calling your body to STORE FATS in your BELLY, THIGHS, BUTTOMMM!! 

These 4 methods I've been practicing for almost half year.
I can't say it's the fastest way, BUT, I can assure you it's SAFE and HEALTHIEST way!!!
You will never feel better after you see results! Trust me! 
You are gonna be so energetic and heathy in SHAPE standing in front of the mirror and......
NON-STOP camwhore-ing until your battery died off HAHAHAHAHA!!! *jk jk*
TRUST me, YOU will LOVE yourself, YOUR LIFE more than ever before!!!

Once again, sorry for the late posting. Hope you all enjoy reading :)
Please do share to your friend who desperately looking for ways of losing weight/FATS!!
And you may leave your comment below and let me know what do you think about FATS!! haha!!
Will blog more about my experiences in Celeb'Fitness and of course my skin conditions soon!


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  1. Hi Karen. Do u eat any fast food? Mayb once a month? Or drink any beverages like milk tea or soda? Hw mny water did u drink per day?

    1. Hi There

      Yes, i do have cheat day once a week. I eat whatever i want during my cheat day, lol
      But normally i will try avoid fast food, and i will do extra cardio the next day to cut if off, hehe :D
      I don't really like milk tea and soda, so normally i will just drink plain water, yogurt drink or tea!
      Hmm, i drink around 2 liters water per day

  2. yeah! looking forward to your gym posts, especially the activities you did at there!

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  4. leave her alone. mind her business please... she like what she post okay

  5. love your fitness post :D i admit that losing weight isn't easy at all, but as long we don't give up, soon and later we will see the result :)

    1. Thank you babe :)
      Don't give up, keep going and you will get what you want!

  6. Then dont fucking read her blog if you're not interested. She can post watever she wants doink!

  7. hey dear, May i know whats the best time to work out? I usually work out after my dinner. and whats the best exercise should I do in the gym? Just wanna lose some pounds.. thanks for your reply :)

    1. Hi Dear,
      The best time to workout is in the morning, before your breakfast.
      If you wanna lose weight, can do more cardio exercise :)

  8. "If want to know more about my clean eating/diet plan, please email me karenkho25@live.com"
    When you say this, readers assume that you have more info to share over email so you shouldn't be thinking that people who emailed you don't appreciate your posts.

    1. Hi there, i'm not saying everyone who emailed me never appreciate my posts, i'm saying some of them who asking me things that i've already mentioned about in my blog post. I really hope my readers can go through everything i've blogged about so that they can have more ideas for their fitness planning. Btw, i've already shared most of my fitness info in my blog & i will try my best to help everyone :)

  9. Seriously? Another fitness post?

  10. please kick ur ass away from here if you don't like to read her blog and nobody force you to do it and we r not welcoming u here..

  11. LOL. your title is pretty misleading! when i saw your title and your picture i was thinking to myself omfg, she thinks she's fat?! i expected to be confronted with an attention seeking, anorexic wannabe but was pleasantly surprised! i haven't gone through all your fitness posts yet so i'm not sure if you've discovered blogilates, but if you haven't heard of cassey, you should check her out! she's got awesome hardcore workouts, delicious recipes and most of all, she's very motivating!


  12. I agree with you here, So much fitness post till it makes me sick. Seems like there is nothing to see except fitness and fitness

  13. when feel very hungry in midnight how can i do ???