Hello August

1 August 2013

Hey ladies!! Do you remember "The Give away Challenge"???
Time flies, It's August already!!! Probably still a week more to go!!! o(^_^)o
I'm pretty satisfy with my July, it's so challenging and everything goes smooth. I've set myself another goal to achieve this August, am going to fight hard for it !! Let's blast this August! hehehe! 

So...How was your progress so far? Doing good? Feeling lost? or......Giving up already? 
To be honest, for the past 20days, I only received around 10 ladies who asked for guidances and advices out of 20+ participants... I apologize that I couldn't be there to help you 24/7. Hope you girls understand that. But i will always try to help if you need. Well, the best suggestion for beginners is...Don't FORGET your GOAL! Your reason! Your desire! Doesn't matter if it's because of wanna get slimmer, wanna diet, wanna be fit, wanna be someone...or whatsoever..
JUST DON'T FORGET your GOAL!!! (^o^)/
Always remind yourself...Write it and paste it in front of your mirror!
Change your Desktop Picture!
Change your Facebook/Instagram Picture!!
Change your smart phone lock screen and home page for your GOAL's Picture and Motivations!!
All these are way effective than ME being beside you 24hours HAHAHAHAHA!!
I did change mine too, every month with new goal :)) and still helping me even after 5months!!

BUT, in the other side I'm so happy that few of you really have some changes going on your body!!!

I think that you're excited and glad to see you are making progress in your fitness planning!!
Don't chill and relax for these minors PROGRESS.....
KEEP GOING!!! You CAN always become better! Prettier!! SEXIERRRRR!! (^_-)

Alright, that's all for today.
I know it looks quite short for this post. Just wanna motivate you girls a lil bit. So i'll make it simple and straight forward. BUT for those who really wanted it BADLY, I believe these few sentences can BLAST your mind!!! Hahaha, Just trying to give some Energy Boosting and courage for all ladies neither you participate or not :)

Hopefully you all can hit the gym with FULLY CHARGED!! Stay motivated!

Thanks for reading 
All the best and Good luck!! 

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  1. Im one of the 10+ that never asked for guidance. hehe! But progress been good so far. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. How's everything? update me :P

    2. Frankly, it could have been better but I was caught up with much work. But I did my best so no regret!

  2. wow, your august post is so sexy~ @.@~

  3. Another fitness post? Should have changed this to a fitness blog

  4. U R Hot an Sexy in Black @___@

  5. Nam Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Karen, here are some more translations from SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA'S Teachings for buddhists but they can be applied to anyone who wants to improve his life:

    Liking to listen to music shows, DJs, dance party, karaokes, etc. cause six harms:

    01. All his life (or all her life) pays attentions to where the dancers will dance today.

    02. All his life pays attentions to where the singers will perform today.

    03. All his life pays attentions to where performing musicians will perform today.

    04. All his life pays attentions to when the singers will perform today.

    05. All his life pays attentions to when the dancers will perform today.

    06. And all his life pays attentions to where any other recreation shows will occur today.

    Hanging around with bad and evil friends causes six harms:

    01. Having bad friends only and having no good friends.
    02. Having gamblers as friends.
    03. Having friends who indulge with plays.
    04. Having friends who deceive and betray.
    05. Having evil friends.
    06. Having friends who disregard the laws.

    Gamblers have six harms for themselves:

    01. Greedy when winning.
    02. Sad when losing.
    03. He loses gradually (or much faster) his property (or properties).
    04. Mandarins or court officials don't listen to his sues.
    05. His parents, relatives and closed friends look down to him.
    06. People don't marry their son (or daughter) to her (or him), as a saying goes "A gambler cannot feed his own wife."

    Laziness causes six harms:

    01. He says it's too cold he can't work.
    02. He says it's too hot he can't work.
    03. He says it's too early he can't work.
    04. He says it's too late he can't work.
    05. He spends all his life with those reasons.
    06. He forgets his duties, he doesn't put moneys in but spends them out.

    Going out at night causes six harms:

    01. His life jeopardizes.
    02. No one takes care of his property (or properties).
    03. No one takes care of his wife and child (or children).
    04. People doubt he hangs around in bad places.
    05. He has bad rumors.
    06. He will be sad and regrets.

    Sincerely, translator Tam Tinh.

    www.TuVaHanh.com www.TrueHappiness.ws and www.NamoAmitabha.ws

  6. Is there nothing else to post except healthy living? Its getting repetitive

    1. What's wrong with healthy living? What you expected to see? LOL!

  7. but the milk milk is nice

  8. Hello there

    Love all your fitness posts. Would you mind blogging more about different routines to target different body parts? Say arms workout to target bicep & triceps

    1. Thank you :)
      Alright, Will try to do some workout posts soon.

  9. 我很欣赏像你这样的健身美女,在不知道你以前,我常在搜索部落格,希望有找到专靠饮食和运动变美的,又能激励我心的女生,可是都找不到我可以崇拜学习的,看了你的照片和文章,才觉得真好♥

    1. 谢谢你看我的部落格,希望能帮到你,加油 (^○^)

  10. wow karen.. I have to say you are very beautiful, not just on the outside, but also on the inside. I hope your qualities can move hearts and inspire more people to exercise and work their ass off to get their ideal dream body. Hope everyone sees this.

    And please continue to inspire. Best of luck.

    1. Awww thank you *shy*
      Yes, i will ! Thanks for reading, really appreciate that :)