Saturday Night

4 August 2013

Hello everyone, how's your weekend? Suppose to post this article last night once i got home, but i'm too tired to blog. LOL! Seriously, I really hate weekend. I've nothing much to do during weekend, spent most of my time at home during weekend. Weekend = No gym partner, no companion, no one to call, phone not ringing at all, no plan, too shy to go out alone, boyfriend had his own plan during weekend, everywhere is crowded...etc. hahahaha..Prefer weekday!! But i'm glad i found companion last night, my bestie Janice Loo. My best listener, The one who knows most of my secret. lol..

Just a casual dinner outing at Publika last night. Had our dinner at Lammeeya, my first time...not a bad choice, many many favorite food i found in the menu. We are both Chinese cuisine lover, LOL o(^_^)o
 We both wearing outfits from BeStylish, check it out for more new arrival 
Here's the food we ordered : 住家菜
My favorite steam eggs, but the appearance is a bit failed. Please make it nicer next time. LOL

 Eggs with taufu, the taufu got covered by the eggs, lol! Too much soy sauce..
Outside food is always unhealthy, i still prefer my own cooking. LOL! *cookingmamawannabe*
 Our FRESH fruits juice, without sugar added. Taste good and refreshing! hehehe :D
I'm an ordinary girls who love taking photo. Wish i can have Casio TR15, but it's too expensive! 我也要猪扒变女神, Where can i get a cheaper one? Tell me tell me! I need it ... LOL!
Okay, a casual pose with the dishes, so not natural. Okay okay...I'm not a good model. m(_ _)m
 A lot of people said we look alike, what do you think? hahahahahaha
 Alright, that's all for my Saturday night. A simple one 

LOVE LIFE (^_−)−☆


  1. u guys definitely look alike :)

  2. finally,something else except the repetitive fitness

  3. Hi karen, just found out that we are having the same goal. but your progression is way faster than me! *envy* just curious, do u workout everyday? how many hours u spend for working out a day? do u usually stick to the same exercise?

    1. Hi Sharon. Don't have to envy, you can do it too :)
      Hmm, i don't workout everyday, i have my own workout routine.
      Usually 5-6 days per week, at least 1 rest day. Will change my routine every 2 weeks.
      Normally i spent 1 hours - 1 and a half hours in the gym.

  4. I rarely go to middle priced restaurants. Still go to coffee shop/hawker stalls for a meal.
    Both of you don't look alike... Janice Loo has a look tended towards polynesian (I don't mean anything bad either)