Happy Birthday

25 August 2013

I'm officially 22 now! How time flies, I'm feeling old already, wish i could stay forever young, forever 21. LOL! *i wish* No more fancy celebration this year, just a simple one. Thank you to my boyfriend for organizing everything. You know what, birthday celebration is not easy...The venue, the food preparation, the guest list etc, all these can really put someone in a massive headache, seriously. I've been through all these before, so i decided let my bf handle everything this year, hahaha!

Well, i never invite all of my friends. Just some of them this time. Mostly all my part time gym partner and my high school friends...LOL.

Alright, let the picture do the talking...
Photo credit to Chenelle, thanks for bringing your TR150.
All the photo is sooooooooooooo beautiful, i wanna get one for myself too! (; ̄O ̄)
My best best friend, Amily. I'm so sad she's leaving to UK next month. Don't think i can live w/o u...
Please come back faster, i will miss you very very very much (T ^ T)
The pretty babe, Chenelle. Thank you for the present and the card. Thank you for the birthday card, It's so lovely, i love receiving card.. awww, you melt my heart and just remind me one of my goal.. Wish i could go to the place next year, will work hard to earn more money now, hehehe :D
My Dearest EeHon & Amily. I'm happy that we are getting closer, loving each other a lil bit more each day. Glad that i have you both in my life, giving me so much of sweetness, AWWWWWWW! 
Thank you EeHon for the present, you just gave me what i needed for so long! hahaha. 
Love you girls, Let's motivate each other till the end of the day!
 A group photo of the girls. Yes, it's only few of us. LOL! 
Too bad my bestie Janice didn't make it. See you after my BKK trip!
Ee hon, KarYian, Yours truly, Amily & Chenelle

 Group photo with the guys.
Thank you my annoying high school friend, Karyian for the customize birthday cake. Thanks for coming all the way from JB! I'm so touched, "almost" cry...LOL...and of course thank you to my dear Amily for the handmade colorful alphabet decoration. Awwwwwwww, so lovely!  I love you :)
I can still remember the wishes i made last year....& i'm happy i'm on my track to achieving my dream.
Thanks god for leading me to the right path, i will follow what's good and do my best to achieve better in my life. I'm really happy this year, I'm doing all these things i liked and passionated about, getting all the things i work for. So happy my efforts pay off...like finally. But i won't stop myself from achieving better, i will work harder to improve myself! I'm blessed.
Him, A person i can't live without. Our love is priceless. Thanks for loving me. I love you.
That's all for my birthday post! Basically i'm just writing to thanks everyone and sharing some photos. 
Alright, it's time to dress up and dinner with family now and i'm leaving to Bangkok tomorrow

 Bye! I will be back o(^▽^)o


  1. Happy Birthday Karen,all the best to you. :-D
    Are you wearing Hermes Collier de Chien ??? :)

  2. Nam Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Karen, Happy Birthday Karen, hope your special day will have a lot of joys and laughters. I wish you the best of everything you do if they are accepted by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. You are still very young. My age is more than double your age, sincerely, your Dharma friend Tam Tinh.