Which Gym Should i Join? Private vs Luxury Gym

9 August 2013

Finally I have some time to share some of my experience in the gym. I know most of you all curious about which gym i joined, and i've received quite an amount of message asking me where i gym. Hmm, If you follow me in instagram or FB, you'll notice that recently I'm having a trial at Celeb'Fitness 1U.
I've been working out there for about 20 days, and I found out that there's quite a few differences between Luxury Gym with those Private Gym. 

This is why I am gonna share about what I felt and I believe this can help you to get some advices if you're thinking to sign for some gym for your workout :)

(is purely my personal feelings and experiences. I'm not promoting or depreciating any gym)

For what I've seen in Luxury Gym, here's some GOOD things about it.

  • It's very SPACIOUS, you probably can do some 20-30 meters walking lunges in the middle of the gym if you are not SHY hahahaha.
  • There's A LOT OF CARDIO MACHINES you can simply pick and "jump" on it and start jogging/cycling for your day. 
  • You can enjoy SAUNA & STEAMROOM & MIRRORS in the changing room for you to Cam-whore if you want.
  • The best thing is, CLASSES. Yoga/cycling/dancing/boxing and etc. These actually good because when you are working out with other people around you, you'll push yourself to keep up and learn how to do some other workout beside just jogging which is boring some times

All of these services you can easily get in any Luxury Gym around KL or M'sia.
Nothing much different between all the Luxury Gym ,the price range is around RM160++

And there's something I dislike about Luxury Gym. So far the my first experience in 1U.
It is kinda unfriendly and demotivating environment for me. Except for the Sales persons, from the service crew, personal trainer or even the manager and people around there is less friendly than people in private gym. Maybe I'm too sensitive or been thinking too much. But one thing I know about in socializing is Good Manner, when people talk to you, asking you, greet to you or even smile at you, just a simple NOD is good enough, just be nice to your customers can you?

What I feel and see about is the Attitude of the people joining Luxury Gym are more like just wanted to adapt to the "TREND" or "LIFESTYLE" since nowadays people do go for gym and if they are not joining gym is outdated. LOL!!! People cares about your EQUIPMENTS/GEARS (what you wearing) more than your working progress and results. Everyone is wearing the latest NEW arrival, gear up full "sets", and end up walking around or sitting there with the phone on the hand. Common mistakes. Workout time 1min, phone time 5mins.....this is not good! *change that habit*

And about the P'Trainers, are they even really pushing you for better results or pushing you to sign more classes or sessions? I'm not saying that I'm a pro. But those workout was like burning very low calories and low intensity. Yes, You can still see results by doing low intensity workout, but what for slowing down progress when you can have faster results? hmmm....maybe i'm too aggressive,LOL!

One last thing is demotivating environment because it's too COMFORTABLE in the Luxury Gym.
You have lots of space to walk around, nice cold air-conditional, and you have your smart phone in your hand which can will eventually wasted more time than you actually working out.
My BF scolded me too whenever i did that.. So, Don't do this mistake. just FOCUS & FOCUS!

By the end of the day, I still prefer private gym. (maybe I should have to try other gym too)
But so far for my past experience in private gym, the number 1 thing I like about is MOTIVATIONS.

Everyone inside private gym is like pushing to their limits toward their goals. It's so tense even when you see some really obesity people can keep jogging, rest and jog again for few times until they FINISH their routine, RESPECT them.

People inside private gym are more SUPPORTIVE as they will come and help you to lift or protect you from hurting yourself. 80% or my knowledge I learn from the people in private gym as they will TEACH & GUIDE you the proper ways to achieve your goals :)

It might be kinda pack because private gym have to squeeze in machines for people to workout.
But this is a positive thing for me because I won't have much time for my "iPhone" to Instagram.
When you finished machine A, the machine B - C - D just few feet away. You won't have time to rest that much and you will PUSH yourself for better results.

Bad thing about private gym, most of the private gym got no sauna/steam room. No air-con. No additional classes. Average private gym cost you about RM5-8 per entry or RM60-80 per month.
By paying additional RM100 plus for sauna/steam room, air-con and classes, you can give a shot if you think is worth it :)

SO, what time of gym i should join?????

Most people sign up for gym is because of the "mood" (一时冲动) and end up wasting money like I did before because is auto credit once you SIGN UP!  For those who really LIKES about joining yoga or other classes(which i think is the only thing really good) you can consider to join Luxury Gym.
Or if you are really really stay/work very very NEARBY to Luxury Gym, you should join. Because you won't like to drive for 20-30 minutes just to hit the gym and drive back. You'll started to hate gym. LOL! 

For "emotional" person, I suggest you give a try for private gym for few times. You can go for those close to your home, paying few Ringgit per entry. Workout for 1hour and ciao.....When you really wanted for more services and really can commit to gym, then only you sign up for any gym you want.

Conclusions, Don't join gym because of "mood" , "trend" , "lifestyle" or for the sake of just joining it.
You won't last long by just showing "equipments" or  how "trendy" you are. You may end up wasting money unless you have too much money to spend.  No point showing off lifestyle or "NEW ARRIVAL" because by the end of the day. WE WANT RESULTS!!! WE wanted to look good not just with "NEW ARRIVAL" !!! We wanted to look super good in shape in front of the mirror even we are without our clothes on!! hahahhaha!! Agreee?

Alright, That's all for today! Thank you for reading (*^o^*)
Hope my experiences can help you in deciding which or what kinda of gym you should JOIN 

(ps: 纯属个人意见, think twice, make wise decision and ENJOY workout!! )

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  1. Hi Karen, may I know whr to find private gym in KL area? bcoz those private gym near my house are nt tht big as you showed in pic. :)

    1. You can find gym nearby your area, don't have to be big space actually.
      As long as it's convenience can already :)

  2. Haha. I can go any gym I want. I have a mission and I dont have much fuck to give about the condition or people inside. Well when I resting I tend to look at people's form though. And mirin tough old timers. Those who just follow the trend, go to the gym so that they can take photo to put instagram, they are just wasting their money. I know you have a mission too and good of you for sharing this :D mind opening XD Ganbatte!

  3. Replies
    1. What do you expect to read? I think i have to right to blog whatever i wanted to blog.
      You can stop visiting my blog if you don't like my posts, right :)

    2. Nice one karen.as you know "pig" will not do any exercise or workout.they prefer lifestyle of eat and sleep...keep it up and post more fitness information for us! Lols :D

  4. Good feedback on pros and cons of both. Commercial gyms are heavily focus on selling those PT packages to members due to their corporate management system. Management forces personal trainers to sell PT to clients as if they are hired as sales executive and must meet their sales monthly quota. As a result, they lost their focus and sometimes neglect their real responsibility to train their client properly. For example, recently, I took up a 7 days trial at of the commercial gym ( normally work out at community private gym) and saw an incorrect workout posture by a boy with his trainer but Personal Trainer never bother to correct him. Poor boy.

    I couldn't agree more with the opinions stated as above
    Private gym:
    1) Cheap
    2) experienced yet friendly body builders and trainers that willing to share their knowledge
    3) motivation-focus

    Commercial gym:
    1) Plenty of workout machines
    2) Extra facilities provided such as sauna and towel service
    3) Zumba-Peloton-belly dance-bodycombat-bodypump-etc classes

  5. Namo Amitabha, hi Nicole, thanks for your advices to me or someone else. My two Buddhist websites have viruses and damaged, my Vietnamese accent mark program to talk Dharma in Vietnamese is damaged, etc. The Law of Karma is looked down too much and it hurts not only my reputations, it's also hurts Buddhas and Bodhisattvas' reputations !!! Of course I don't do anything like my Superiors advice. My cultivations are very limited where I live. That's why I need to move to Malaysia as soon as I can. I hope my friend Chau or other Malaysian friends help me like I told Jane because I just want to avoid crazy and unqualified oppositions. There are too much jealousies and betrays. I don't want to 'boast' about my attainments no more because I don't have appreciations. I have to work for my brother today and tomorrow. Chau or Venice has two more days so I can talk Dharma and persuade her. This evening I will do some Dharma works, sincerely, Thich Huyen Quang

  6. Hi Karen, I have been lifting for almost 8 years. My experience tells me that any gym is good to all people. Like you said, it depends on personal preference.

    My opinion is gym is a place to workout and 'punish' yourself and endure hardwork to achieve ultimate dream. So I would choose private gym. First thing is I save money and also there's more goal orientated people around. I can understand that gym without A/C is slighty uncomfortable but after all, we are there to workout, not to make ourselves comfortable... Haha

    Celeb fitness is just a trend. People just go there to chit chat. I am worried they might influence u as well.. Just kidding... I know u wont

    Trust me on this, no a/c gym will burn more calories. You will sweat more

  7. Like you and your post! :) Enjoy

  8. Hi, can you share what kind of protein shakes or the brand of protein shake that you drink? Where did you get it from? Can it be taken for lunch and dinner?

    1. Hi janice.
      I took whey protein, got it from my friend.
      Only take it before workout and after workout :)

  9. Karen, I love your blog! And you are such a big inspiration.
    I saw your previous blog post you posted a photo of your before & after abs in six weeks. I have a question, what exercise did you do in that six weeks? And you said that we'll have to do cardio exercise to lose belly fats first or else the abs will be covered by the fats right. What cardio exercise did u do within that period?
    Sorry if this is troubling :( I've been doing abs training exercise but I cant seem to cut off my belly fats. Thank you for your reply in advance. :)

    1. Hi There.

      Thanks for reading :)
      I did a lot of cardio in the first two months, after cardio do some weight lifting, and of course abs exercise.
      You can try treadmill, increase your speed and time if you wanna cut off the fats.
      I will blog about my abs workout soon in my blog, stay tuned :)

  10. Hi Karen, for me, I love private gym more. Can you share more about your abs workout routine? I like your sexy abs!


    1. Hi Jen

      Yea, private gym is much more better, at least it's more likely a place for workout. haha
      Alright dear, my next post is going to be some abs workout. stay tuned :)

  11. Lack of confidence in luxury gym coz ppl will not help or guide us, and not friendly lol..

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  13. Hi Toto!
    I like ur article
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