A Constant Journey!!

20 September 2013

Basically, this is what i do everyday. Holding my phone all the time, replying messages. LOL

There are a lot of questions been asking time to time... One out of all these questions, this is the Question people like to ask the MOST ---------> What is your SECRET ?! ( ? _ ? )

Hmm, to be frank, sometimes it sounds a bit harsh to me... "SECRET" ?!
If there's any, I'll be the first one to find that out and share it to the world!! Come on DEARIE, don't tell me there's any MAGIC trick that can help you burn your fat ONE KG per DAY !! Seriously like how? those fat just disappear without doing or moving or DON'T have to pay efforts and suffer at all?! Even if you are getting a surgery to SUCK out your fat, you still have to take those pain and risk. So if there is and SECRET or MAGIC way, gym centers and surgery centers will all bankrupt!!

I have to tell you the TRUTH of REALITY and it is like this: 
YOU HAVE TO WANT THIS (as a lifestyles)
Specifically, you have to want it for YOU!!
Not for your MAN, Women, or REVENGE!!
Not just for a short TRIP!! Or maybe for a PHOTO SHOOT, WEDDING and become an AUNTY after giving birth!! Not for a primary/secondary/college REUNION or for a BIRTHDAY party!!

Maybe all of these are good to setup for GOALS, even great as a starting point, they will lead you to your goal, but won't last long!! What would you do after the END? back to the same old you??
OMG pleaseeeeee.... I won't be like that! (◎_◎;)

This is a CONSTANT journey! This is a lifestyle! it's not a destination....
You can't be indecisive between this or previous life if you want to MAINTAIN success!!
CONSISTENCY is the key! Together with with Passion, Dedication, Motivation and a whole lot of dauntless COURAGE!
It's good to set your own goals, but don't become self-Satisfied with the achievement of the goal.
IF you really want for this for LONGTERM success, you will have to:

* FACE temptation with your favorite food and WIN it. You have to educate yourself on what you should and shouldn't put into your body. From there you will see food differently and will be easier.

* Don't just SIT there and wait for the MAGIC happens! You have to WORK your body in and out of the day! I mean SERIOUS SWEAT like a pig! jumping on cycling machine with your iPhone playing IG/FB doesn't count!!!!

* Learn to be your motivator! Stay Strong! You have to PUSH through PAIN and stay focus! The process of changing your body shape it's gonna hurt you so bad and some days you will BANG yourself to the wall and feels like shits and sad as fxxk! 

But the truth is.... FOCUS on the Priceless achievements!
when you go thru all of these....

You will achieve your own Life! You will feel that you're worth for better you!
You will feel extremely proud of yourself and self accomplish! (perhaps better feeling than graduation!)
You will gain unlimited Self Confident and no longer shame on wearing your favorite Bikini!!
Self worth, Pride, Great health, Influence to others, bla bla bla bla... ... ...
I believe it Worth it!!

Let's continue our journey and ROCK our mind,soul and body!!!

I know you all love motivations, there you have it now! hahaha :)



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  2. Love your every motivated post :)
    Btw , I would like to ask you a question :
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  4. Each time I feel like giving up, I will open my IG to see your pictures or open my laptop just to read your blog. Then I will feel so motivated. I have been hold on for almost 2 months. Thank you. :)