I need some positive energy

18 September 2013

Hello everyone, it's been sometime I didn't update my blog about fitness. To many things to do and have to overseas quite frequent for these 3months. I'm feeling guilty that I don't even have time to hit the gym. I really hate this feeling. So demotivated, emotional, depressed, down, hot temper whenever i skipped exercise!

Well, These are the things I've been facing : couldn't workout as frequent like before, stuffing in "RUBBISH FOOD" into my stomach and became demotivated. Felt very lazy to workout and the worst part, I fell in loved with FrenchFries!! SO WRONGGGGGG!! OMG!! Seriously wanna kill myself for these!! FML!!! *cannotcannotcannot*


I've been thinking and asking myself am I giving up and quit for all these hard work I've done for pass 7 months........ From a person who is a alcoholic, fat, lazy, lifeless, living without goals and directions, to a person who is talking about fitness, trying to inspire more people to get into fitness, living my life with so many goals to achieve and knowing that I'm heading a direction I wanted to go for......
I told myself that no matter how hard it is, I will never QUIT! NEVER!

I'm writing this post down not just to share to you all about my personal experience, and also to REMIND myself 24/7 time to time and be consistent to be great in shape!!!

There are always down time, obstacles and bad things, even get demotivate by someone close to you, but please, who doesn't have these? Right? This is what i always remind myself...

By the end of the day, you are who you are! I am who I am!! lol
I still wanted to look good in front of the mirror every day and night!!
I still wanted to be the one trying to inspire people directly or indirectly!!
Every time I heard someone saying they are going to the gym after reading my blog, or being thankful for motivating and helping, it's actually the best moment ever...it's really sweet when people telling me that. It's one of my motivation (⌒▽⌒)

Sorry for neglecting my blog about fitness, if you are not afraid of getting "spam" with my posts, I will get back on track and post about fitness tips and guide to help you achieve better and greater result!!

Hahahaha, Stay tuned for more !!


  1. I know how you feel babe :(
    Same here! Let us motivate each other to achieve our dream body :)

    Followed you btw, hope you can follow me back <3

  2. Dear Karen, your blog about fitness is highly valuable. I always read it when I need a motivation or a knowledge about nutrition. I even recommend your blog to my friends, especially the girls.

    Please keep posting, you're doing very great!! :)

  3. I feel you, babe!
    Once I eat something that I like but I sacrifice for diet, I will loss all the motivation to back to health life. :'(

    Looking forward to more of your fitness posts, there are my motivation!!