Rooftop infinity edge pool, Marina Bay Sand Hotel.

11 September 2013

Holla! I'm finally back from my short trip to Singapore. Traveling is really fun but tiring.
 It has been a while i never go to Singapore, more than 10 years already. Well, i can see many changes in Singapore. I'm really impressed with this mega building...Marina Bay Sand. It is one of the MUST GO places in Singapore, don't miss it! You know what, I'm so happy i made it to the signature rooftop infinity edge pool in MBS. This pool is considered one of the top ten hotel rooftop pools in the world! The pool is absolutely HUGE, bigger than i imagine. It's on the 57th floor on MBS hotel, on top of the three tower.  Seriously... It's awesome, the view from there is breathtaking. 

The SkyPark is strictly for the Hotel Guest only. 
For non-hotel guest, you might need to pay 20sgd for the entrance fee if not mistaken. 
It's really crowded up there, full of foreigners, especially Japanese and Korean. 
I saw a lot alot alot of Pretty Japanese girls, but i still prefer caucasians.  lol.
I'm feeling so motivated whenever i saw Caucasian hot chic, some of them having really hot body and nice abs. It's like those actress in "Pitbull's mv".. seriously.. so HWATTTTT!! I wish i can achieve my goal body ASAP. Okokokokokokok, i have to work really hard! *smile*
It was an awesome experience :)
The view from 57th floor.

What a lifestyle, me enjoying the sun. Trying to get tanned, LOLLLL
Btw, I really need a tan skin. Tan and healthy skin tone.
Superb weather 

Photo credits to my bf, i took more than 331632165 photo that day just to capture the best photo
Thanks for being so patient *although i know you're going to slap me anytime* hahahahaha

That's all for my first experience in the infinity pool. 
Alright, i will train my body to be better and pay another visit soon! hehehe :D


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  4. Is it expensive to hang out up there? I wanna observe those beautiful God creation if you know what I meant :P

    1. Not really, reasonable for environment like this! LOL

  5. It's Marina Bay Sand i supposed.

  6. WOAH! The scenery is really very nice! Same goes to you, nice body figure!!

  7. your bikini very nice! and your body figure too! :D

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