Day 2 - Clean Eating

6 September 2013

Hey everyone, how's your Day 1?
Have you started yet or still thinking when to start?

Eating clean is important :)

If you still curious for more "eat clean" idea, here's my short Day 2 clean eating meal plan.
*take note, my meal plans are just for you to get some ideas or guidances.
* Unless you are the same weight, same height, same age, same metabolic rate, and having the SAME daily routine and SAME workout plan. Then you can follow exactly how my meal planning is!!
*Please stop if you feel dizzy and consult a professional.

Alright, here you go for my DAY 2:

Breakfast :

Snack 1:

Lunch :

Snack 2:

Dinner :

There you have it for my DAY 2. Another important info is that make sure you are drinking at least 1.5liter of plain water to stay hydrated. 
*water helps to convert food to energy and helps to absorb our nutritions intake!!!

That's all for today, it's time to pack my stuff and leaving to s'pore
Will update more...stay tuned :)


  1. You don't really eat much carbohydrates, right? :)

  2. It depends. normally i choose to eat carbs after before and after my workout.
    only thing you have to choose to eat complex carbs rather than white carbs.