Day 1 - Clean Eating

3 September 2013

Hello everyone! I'm finally back from Bangkok, having so much fun in there. It's a shopping heaven, will pay a visit again anytime soon! hahaha. I believe a lot of people and most of my readers been curious about what I actually eat for my meals. Almost half of my emails were asking about the same question ---> MEAL PLAN!!

Sorry if i didn't reply your email, am too busy with my online business and of course my workout. Will try to make time and give you all more fitness information in my blog post, please read... ;)

Before you girls continue reading, PLEASE take note!!!!!!!
Unless you are the same weight, same height, same age, same metabolic rate, and having the SAME daily routine and SAME workout plan. Then you can follow exactly how my meal planning is!!
If not, my meal plans are just a simply examples and guidances for you.

Alright, here you go, my DAY 1.

Breakfast 1:
Pure Organic Oat with Fresh Low Fat Milk. 

Oats + Milk
Usually I wake up quite late in the morning about 10.30am or 11 something.
And for that I have to feed my stomach with some quick and effective meal so that I can adsorb the basic nutritions I needed for my day. OAT is my best choice. Can be done in less than 5mins. By adding 1/2 cup of milk, Awesome and healthy :)

Snack 1 or Breakfast 2:
For lazy people as I am, Banana & Kiwi are the easiest fruits to eat LOL.
Banana you can peel of the skin easily and kiwi just chop it in the middle and scoop it like an ice-cream

Toasted bread, eggs, salad and ham

Snack 2:
Cherry Tomatoes

Sandwich and Fresh Fruits Juice

That's all for my quick DAY 1 clean eating.

Some of you might find it tasteless or HARD to eat for the beginning, I have to tell you is that nothing comes easy.. ABS are build in the kitchen!!! Stop eating like a HIPPO Stop eating rubbish food or Stop SKIPPING meals or Stop TAKING "magic" PILLS!!!

I did it for almost half year already! And I'm still on it!!!
I love being fit, healthy and nice in SHAPE...
I really love being healthy and fit..I won't QUIT!! hehehehe..

Hopefully this post give you some ideas to plan your own meals :)


  1. I really admire your determination!!

  2. Do we have to cook the oat with hot water first ?
    & Is it okay if I mix the oat with water & condensed milk ( instead of lowfat milk) ?

    1. I'm curious too,
      sometimes I just mix muesli with milk.
      Wonder can instant oats mix with milk without any hot water/cooking.

    2. hey girls, first of all, instant oats is not suitable for weight loss because contains sugar and slightly higher calories compare to raw/old fashion oats.

      and yes, you have to cook with hot water first. if you wanted it to taste better, try use lesser water to cook. once it turn soft then you can add in milk or low fat yogurt, it up to you :) add some berries if you dislike the taste of oat.

    3. is quaker instant oatmeal good for weight loss? and can you suggest any other brand of suitable oats for weight loss :)

  3. May I know your height and weight? :)